Bravado vs red pill

Bravado – Make Yourself Bigger, Bolder, Better

Bravado in StrengthUnlock Your Bravado is Internal, it deals with your psyche, your mindset, your perceptions of people and the world around you. Bravado is a mental thing, and while it is an attribute that can be outwardly examined and discussed, it starts from within. Within is where you will develop that confidence to go places you never dared to, craft that sense of Dominance that will aid you in manipulation and persuasion, a sense of Ruthlessness that will enable you to be a sharp sword read to smite those that rise against you. Unlock Your Bravado is the Mind, Unlock Your Bravado is Power.

Bravado in StyleLive Like a Lord is the inverse of such – it is External. LLAL is the way you style yourself with a sense of elegance and your wardrobe selection, it is how you read people like a children’s book and value acta non verba,  it is the way you speak to people with a hint of sophistication, it is the way you carry yourself with an air of Confidence and Superiority, it is your sense of travel and culture seasoning. Live Like a Lord is the Body, Live Like a Lord is Control.

Mind > Body
Power Begets Control
You can control your power, but unless you develop the power within yourself to become Dominant, what do you have to control?  

Let me make this clear from the beginning:

I do NOT want you to think exactly like me.
You WILL not think exactly like me.

That is not the point of this at all.

Most people with a voice and an internet presence today will try to sell you on the idea that they have a superior way of thinking to you, and you must follow their mental and moral code to be successful in life.

I don’t.

The possibilities of handling any situation are endless, and I cannot tell you that how I would have done it works better or was better than anything you would have done.

I can not tell you how to think or what to think, I can only give you the tools to develop your mindset to the point of making better, smarter decisions.

Focus and Training are key to discipline, and I am here to discipline your mind to the sharpest, most finely crafted sword – and use said sword as a weapon to hone your persona into Braggadocious Swagger with a twinge of a Dominant Demeanor and Cunning Confidence.

I only want you to UNDERSTAND and RELATE to some of the key concepts at the core of Bravado thinking.

Focus, Determination, Drive, Motivation, Inspiration: these are words you will see a lot.


They are all characteristics of some of the biggest winners in the world today, the success stories of such are almost never “I lived a good life with my two parents in our big house with a white picket fence,” but rather they channeled their emotions at failure into passion and motivation in the face of such adversity to achieve their ultimate goal and become the elite level of them.

Ruthlessness is a trait you will quickly adopt and adapt.

There is no place for stoicism in harnessing your Bravado, the facade people often put on nowadays that nothing affects them ends up being non beneficial in the long run.

There is also no place for pity, despair and depression.

Stop lying to yourself, you have emotions, you get angry, you get upset at things, your judgement gets clouded sometimes, but instead of rejecting such notions, recognize them and learn how to use them to your advantage.

The difference between harnessing your emotions and controlling them, and them controlling you is how you react and adapt to the situations around you that you are thrust in.

One with Bravado is bold and daring, one with bravado thinks and he acts simultaneously whether with a pack as the Alpha Wolf or the Lone Wolf.

Bravado deals with money, women, game, fitness, health, diet, relationships and so much more.

Aren’t you tired of being average?

Wouldn’t you like to be Daring? Exciting? Extraordinary?

Come, let me show you the keys to success that I have been crafting long before DJ Khaled.

Are you ready to be Bigger?



Well, delve in and absorb all the knowledge you can. After all, Knowledge is Power 

Here are some posts that define the Tenents of the Bravado Mindset.





Controlling your Life:

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