Real Life isn't the Internet

How to Deal with Real Life

Foreword by @AshPariseau.

She’s a dating and relationship blogger but she’s one of the few that I’ve seen that doesn’t just offer cookie cutter bullshit dating advice and generalize things for women. We’ve actually written some similar¬†posts¬†before, so it’s not surprising we collaborated. Check out her blog if you want to get a woman’s view on life and relationships that isn’t blindly guided by emotion.

Controlling emotions is the key to happiness

Controlling your Emotions and Living a Better Life

One of the purposes for me starting Unlock Your Bravado was to serve as a base/platform for my brand, and for my book CONTROL, along with the others that I have in the works – but now I’m starting to see amendments to my starting mission – helping people with the seemingly difficult task of controlling emotions and not letting the negatives of the world drive them to emotional ruin.