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Rapper Syndrome (Gunz n Butta)

Money being thrown, nice cars that haven’t come out yet doing donuts, women twerking wearing more jewelry than clothing – these are the type of things you typically see in a rap video. Now, rap music/culture is a facet of nig nog culture¬†and has multiple facets in itself, but as of right now I’m referring to nig nog rap.

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Victor, not Victim

Honestly I’m gonna start this off by saying that in it’s current state, the world is annoying. Simple as that. You can’t eat, breathe, sleep or talk without someone somewhere giving their opinion on what they would have done better.

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The Oppression Olympics

Well it’s the summer of 2016 and as most of you have already seen, the Oppression Olympics are in full swing. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically the battle that different minorities and groups go through to try to prove that they’re more oppressed than the rest, and as such deserve special treatment.

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The Echo Chamber & Politically Correct Culture

funny how the same people criticizing Trump for the Wall are the same ones blocking everyone who disagrees w/ them & building echo chambers.

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The Ideological Lens

your life adapts to the ideological lens that you see it in. if you go to sleep & wake up every morning believing you're a victim, well….

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Nig Nog Culture

Heh, the nig nog.

This is a topic I’ve been through quite a few times on twitter as it gives me plenty of ammo to analyze and critique the nig nog in its natural habitat. Now don’t get me wrong, nig nog isn’t a strictly black thing, it’s just that 99.9% of the nig nog population I’ve seen has been so. I grew up in and surrounded by the culture, so a lot of this I can either relate to or attest to, and that’s why I feel like I’m qualified to do this post.

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Black Relations in 2016: The Plight of the Negro

This is something I’d usually cover in a blog post, but I got into a mini twitter rant earlier about black relations and the Plight we as a Black people face regarding our communities, and I felt like I needed to post it here so I can have a record of it.

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Kobe Bryant: Maintaining a Legacy

I don’t idolize people often, but when it comes to Kobe Bryant I can say without a doubt he’s one of them.

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Racial Divide & Black Victimhood

Damn, Booker T. Washington accurately predicted the rise of #BlackLivesMatter.https://t.co/tAmvIqcsit pic.twitter.com/M1NEpw1C58

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The Truth behind BlackLiesMatter – Black Supremacy

Early yesterday it started making rounds on Twitter that a BlackLiesMatter Toronto co-founder had tweeted this:

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