victor not victim

Victor, not Victim

Honestly I’m gonna start this off by saying that in it’s current state, the world is annoying. Simple as that. You can’t eat, breathe, sleep or talk without someone somewhere giving their opinion on what they would have done better.

Controlling emotions is the key to happiness

Controlling your Emotions and Living a Better Life

One of the purposes for me starting Unlock Your Bravado was to serve as a base/platform for my brand, and for my book CONTROL, along with the others that I have in the works – but now I’m starting to see amendments to my starting mission – helping people with the seemingly difficult task of controlling emotions and not letting the negatives of the world drive them to emotional ruin.

Failure Sign

You Need Failure

Yes, you need to fail in your life. Failure is the feeling of knowing you tried something and it didn’t work out quite the way you wanted it to, but at least now you know the way to approach it next time.