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Rapper Syndrome (Gunz n Butta)

Money being thrown, nice cars that haven’t come out yet doing donuts, women twerking wearing more jewelry than clothing – these are the type of things you typically see in a rap video. Now, rap music/culture is a facet of nig nog culture¬†and has multiple facets in itself, but as of right now I’m referring to nig nog rap.

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Doing Your Best isn’t Good Enough

everyone wants to have, no one wants to do.

— √¶donis | hotep (@lordaedonis) July 21, 2016

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Victor, not Victim

Honestly I’m gonna start this off by saying that in it’s current state, the world is annoying. Simple as that. You can’t eat, breathe, sleep or talk without someone somewhere giving their opinion on what they would have done better.

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The Echo Chamber & Politically Correct Culture

funny how the same people criticizing Trump for the Wall are the same ones blocking everyone who disagrees w/ them & building echo chambers.

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Nig Nog Culture

Heh, the nig nog.

This is a topic I’ve been through quite a few times on twitter as it gives me plenty of ammo to analyze and critique the nig nog in its natural habitat. Now don’t get me wrong, nig nog isn’t a strictly black thing, it’s just that 99.9% of the nig nog population I’ve seen has been so. I grew up in and surrounded by the culture, so a lot of this I can either relate to or attest to, and that’s why I feel like I’m qualified to do this post.

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Racial Divide & Black Victimhood

Damn, Booker T. Washington accurately predicted the rise of #BlackLivesMatter.https://t.co/tAmvIqcsit pic.twitter.com/M1NEpw1C58

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The Victim Mentality Podcast

This is one I’ve been teasing for a while. Today I bring you the victim mentality podcast, feeling entitled and inadequate, why people subscribe to the victim mentality and how to overcome feeling like the world owes you something.

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How to be a Realist

I’ve said it before, the world is cold. Being a realist is one of the only ways to keep yourself from going crazy and ripping your hair out these days.

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Bravado Mission Statement

Life today is a game of mental chess, that all boils down to whether you can calculate and effectively carry out your moves, or make mistakes and end up failing.

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Controlling your Emotions and Living a Better Life

One of the purposes for me starting Unlock Your Bravado was to serve as a base/platform for my brand, and for my book CONTROL, along with the others that I have in the works – but now I’m starting to see amendments to my starting mission – helping people with the seemingly difficult task of controlling emotions and not letting the negatives of the world drive them to emotional ruin.

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