Nig Nog culture

Nig Nog Culture

Heh, the nig nog.

This is a topic I’ve been through quite a few times on twitter as it gives me plenty of ammo to analyze and critique the nig nog in its natural habitat. Now don’t get me wrong, nig nog isn’t a strictly black thing, it’s just that 99.9% of the nig nog population I’ve seen has been so. I grew up in and surrounded by the culture, so a lot of this I can either relate to or attest to, and that’s why I feel like I’m qualified to do this post.

Be a Coon

How to be a Coon

Interestingly enough, Coon has evolved from being a derogatory word used against Blacks by Whites, to being used against Blacks most often by our own race. These days if you search the word “Coon” on twitter, you’ll see it usually used towards black people to describe their attitudes towards white people.