Basic-Bitch Self Improvement & Instant Gratification

Self improvement, it’s literally the core and yet bane of everyone’s existence. Everyone wants to live each day being a better them than they were the day before, and yet most people don’t find pleasure in the work and time it takes to really get to levels of noticeable improvement – be it physically, financially, mentally or any other way. I myself find myself at times to be frustrated with my own journeys, I’ve honestly been something of a fat vapid blob for most of my life so it’s nice being able to mold myself like clay, but like I said at times it’s frustrating.

the single step

The Single Step

“The journey of a million miles begins with a single step”

I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase or have seen it hanging on our 3rd grade teacher’s door on some cheesy cliche motivational poster. It’s one of those types of phrases that sticks with you, you run it through your head a few times and it sticks into your consciousness. I’ve had several teachers who had this hanging up and loved it, and it took until now that I’m older to see what that phrase truly means.

how to be yourself

How to be Yourself

I’m not sure if any of you have ever had the kind of friends who basically have the attitude of “everyone is dying, we’re just living and maintaining until we die” but I’ve had quite a few, and let me tell you just how depressing of a person that is to be around. It’s not just the fact that they use that as an excuse to feel like be a perpetual victim and to not want to excel in any part of life, but the fact that they feel comfortable with this mindset of being a perpetual victim.

Anonymity is Dying

Big Brother Oversight and the Abolishment of Anonymity

So recently we’ve come to the point in the political spectrum where people are using hurt feeling as an excuse to dox people and publicly shame them. If you hadn’t heard the story yet, CNN started a wildfire this week by slyly threatening to dox a reddit user who supposedly posted a gif of Trump beating up the CNN logo, only for it to come out that he may not have been the person who created the image in the first place. There were cries of “violent rhetoric!” and “this will get people killed!” coming from the left, yet when you check recent events they don’t seem to be the ones on the receiving end of violence, but that’s another story.

Beat Yourself Up

I’ve been told plenty of times in my life not to beat myself up, that I’m too hard on myself & many other similar things. People usually don’t understand why i’m so hard on myself, but honestly it’s sort of a prevention mechanism if anything.