From author Aedonis Jordan van Bravo of MAKE MONEY while MAKING MONEY comes CONTROL – a book for men, women and teens of all ages about mindset, money, personal development, fitness and much more!

Do you feel like you’re not where you wanna be in life? Like you’re in a hamster wheel? Like you’re lost in today’s society and you’re just existing – you don’t really have a place? No this isn’t a sales pitch, this is me telling you that you can change all of that.

You can effect the changes in your life TODAY, stop waiting until tomorrow or the next day to get a jump start on being happy, on being successful, on having more money and spending it better – and have a more optimistic view on life period.

For the teens in high school or struggling through college, to the single mothers that think they’ll never be able to do better than their current situation, the hardworking man who feels like all the labor he’s putting in just isn’t enough (hint: it is, you just need to work smarter about it).

Let me help you take Control of your life, take back the reigns that fate has stolen from you and live your life on YOUR own terms.

After all, we were born alone, we’re going to die alone – why not be able to have complete Control and Freedom over the little but precious time we have on Earth?

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7 Steps to Mastery

7 Steps to Achieve Mastery

Mastery is a concept which many know of, but few truly and totally understand.

Mastery is not for the weak of will, nor the faint of heart.

Mastery comes from the ability to absorb and understand knowledge, but also what you do with this knowledge and how you use it that determines your rung on the ladder.

Mastery is more than just a mental concept, it is more than just reading and applying.

It is a grueling process, one that will leave many a lesser man on their knees in the agony and despair of the challenge.

Again, it is not for the fragile or weak minded.

Mastery is a way of atoning for all of the drawbacks and  failures you accumulated in your past endeavors.

Understanding Mastery is a way of prevention (negative).

Understanding Mastery is a way of expansion (positive).

Mastery is about more than the divide, the constant battle between good and evil.

Mastery is controlling yourself, the world around you, your presence in this world, your thoughts and emotions, and much more.

Mastery is achieving true power over your life, it is the culmination of an array of facets regarding ways to approach and absorb information.

You cannot truly understand the world around you without understanding how to Master yourself, how to achieve Mastery and complete Control over your life.

What exactly is the way to achieve Mastery?

Let me give an example:

This is yet another column in the foundation of Mastery.
Adaptation results from making yourself the sharpest sword, the most cunning crane, the most bloodthirsty beast in the fight for your life.
Adaptation is knowing that Knowledge is Power.
Adaptation is knowing that knowledge is limitless, and that the more you know, the more well off you are.
Knowledge is Power.
Knowledge is the best way to go from amateur, to Mastery.
Adaptation starts in the mind, and it eventually trickles its way down to empowering the body.
Mind > Body.
Power Begets Control.
You will not have the Control over yourself that you wish, if you do not have the Power to establish this control over your mind first.
If you do not control your own thoughts, emotions, fears, actions – how do you expect to lead your own life?

Such is an appetizer, a mere morsel off the flesh of the information this book provides.

Mastery is above Excellence, above Expertise.

Mastery, is Zen in its truest form.

The question is, are you content with simply being average, just existing?

Or would you rather make the change today, afford yourself the effort to achieve Excellence, to obtain Mastery? To LIVE?

The choice is yours.

Subscribe today, and understand the terms of achieving Mastery in the brutal and relentless world we live in today.