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“Don’t Trust Bitches”

Ahh, the dreaded “Fuck these bitches, get this money” mindset. Honestly, I used to be one of those types of people so I can see where the mindset would come from, but that doesn’t mean I feel like it’s a good thing.

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Vanity isn’t Fair

“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us.” – Jane Austen

This is honestly one of my favorite issues to spar with both women and men (very rarely, mostly male feminists) alike. The issue of Vanity is a trigger to both the unfed, thirsting male’s mind and the nurture lacking, fragile mind of a woman.

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Red Pill does not teach Misogyny

I want to shed light on a problem that has been bringing a lot of issues and negative attention to the Red Pill community, a community that I have actually learned a lot from, about women, about relationships in general.

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Fostering Understanding in Relationships

In “Seeing Red: Part 1” I did an overview of my views on relationships and how they are interpreted and viewed today. In this post, I look to expand on certain ideas from that and offer ways to cultivate lasting relationships, focusing on having an mutual understanding and the notion that you are comfortable enough with each other to understand different aspects about each other.

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Dating and Pickup: Mechanics

DISCLAIMER: In various parts of this post, it may seem like I am advocating either a constant stream of long term relationships and dating, or advocating against such at all. Neither is the case, the point of this post is to expand on the beliefs and views of being in a long term relationship nowadays, and red flags to look for when potentially entering or considering entering one, I’m not here to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t be single or in a relationship.

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Not All Women Are The Same – Why PUA Game doesn’t always work

Seduction and PUA Game Communities are something that while I won’t necessarily say are bad or an evil or anything like that, I find they are often either scams or largely (usually intentionally) misinformational.

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Abundance Mentality Development

“Riches are not to be constituted by an abundance of worldly goods, but from a content, healthy and happy mind.” ~ Aedonis “Jordan van” Bravo”

An Abundance Mentality is one of the most understated and yet necessary pieces of life, as you enter your late teens it starts to become really evident but the later on in life it is, the more important and prominently featured it becomes. Going through life you need a healthy influx of a mindset of “If this doesn’t work here it’ll work somewhere else,” and this applies to women, relationships with people, making money and many more topics. This serves as inspiration and help to create said Abundance Mentality Development in those that feel that the concept and adoption of such isn’t that clear or that simple to them.

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The Lust Ladder

First and foremost, I’d like to start this off by saying I’m not as much an asshole as this post will make me seem like ok maybe I am, there’s no point in not being real. Lust is an important and existent factor of many relationships today, before “Love” even comes into the picture.

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