nobody cares work harder

Nobody Cares, Work Harder (The Book) Available soon!

So after months and months of teasing, I’m finally getting ready to be able to debut my new book. It has been reworked quite a few times since its conception and honestly can’t even be considered the same book as the original draft. One thing I was lacking in that I realized was severely needed was my signature style, my brash,“this is how things are and you can either accept and adapt to them, or work to change them” type of style. It was at first more of a generic, basic bitch self improvement book and had no flair or originality that separated me from anyone else. Looking back, it isn’t something that I would have been too proud of releasing and that’s why I’ve reworked it so much.

In NCWH I pull no punches, I hold nothing back, and I address everything I talk about with the style and blunt honesty I’m known for. I make analyses on people and human interaction, I talk about how people’s life experiences influence how people think about things, which in turn influence how people perceive current and future events. A lot of things in life are simple to understand once you take a second and think about them critically and try to understand how the system works, and this book has a lot of that. If you like to think and like things that make you go “hmmm, I hadn’t thought of it like that before” I’d suggest you check it out.

But instead of making this pitch and leaving you to ponder whether I’m blowing hot air or not, why not get a preview and find out? It takes 2 seconds and all you have to do is enter your email address in the subscription box to the right (or below if you’re on mobile) and when the preview goes out (the morning of August 13th) you’ll get it delivered to your email instantly!

nobody cares work harder mockup


The mockup above is a draft but representative of how the final cover will look (anyone who actually does book covers and is willing to help my line is open though). The plain-yet-blunt cover reflect the straight to the point, honest analysis you can find when I comment on… pretty much anything. I wont even lie and say I’m completely objective 100% of the time, hell some of the stuff I talk about in this book I’ve learned from personal experience/trial-and-error, however I’ve never done it in a way that would miskew the information I present, it just enables me to see the situation from all sides.

Nonetheless, enough rambling. Once you sign up and confirm your email, you will receive an email with the preview along with information on the book’s actual release.