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James Damore Memo, Google, and the Future of Thoughtcrime

NOTE: some of this will be repeated from my mini-rant on twitter this morning, as that is what inspired this.

So as you may have already heard, an employee of google named James Damore recently wrote a memo (you can read the full version here without the media retractions for their narrative) discussing the differences between men and women in the workplace and what might cause them to seek out different paths. All he said were things along the lines of

-“men more enjoy coding while women enjoy more visual or social things.”
-“men are usually seek in higher positions in companies because they have a higher drive for status (because society judges & crucifies us on it).”
-“let’s stop hiring minorities out of a sense of morality and to fill quotas and start judging them by merit.”

and the media is blasting him calling him a sexist and racist and blah blah, you know the normal chatter. The problem is, if you read the memo you can see exactly what he’s trying to say and the point he’s trying to make, and he actually made a lot of sense. He included outlinks and charts to help explain his reasoning and didn’t just say a lot of bull with no backup to it, and I for one can’t see why the media is so outraged (well I can but the “they’re just idiots” reasoning is getting kind of tiring).

I, for one, am quite tired of liberals and the left trying to tell me what I should be taking offense to and (even worse) taking offense for me. I’m a grown ass man, I know how to tell the difference between someone saying some “mean words” about my race, and someone speaking of it in terms of the inherent average differences in society between us and others, and this was definitely the latter.

Back to my point though, this situation is only indicative of a problem that has already gotten out of hand and has the potential to go a lot farther. James was persecuted for ‘thoughtcrime’ I.E. – things people think and say which are harmful to others. Now I believe this is dumb as hell in itself, as people choose to be offended by words and take them to heart, but it’s the catalyst of a problem that has the potential to get much bigger.

It’s all fun & games watching people you dislike get fired for being “disruptive” til it happens to you & you realized what you advocated for. Yea once you’re in the workplace and the whole thing is liberal and you’re all insecure it’s fine, but what happens when you have to change states or change jobs? What happens when the environment becomes a little less suited to your tastes, well you’d like to be able to just go in, do your work and leave without any issues or anyone bothering you right? WRONG! Things are different now, you can be given the boot for what you say or how you say it and your opinions are tolerated in the current workspace. You get fired for wrongthink, all because you helped usher in this era of “we can only work with people who believe in the same bullshit we do” culture.

Now does that sound fun to anyone? Whether conservative, liberal, leftist – no one wants everywhere in this country to be like that. That type of environment would leave everyone scared to talk because they don’t know whether they’re in the minority or majority, and once “I dont like what you said so you gotta go” culture starts to become prominent it doesn’t matter what side you’re on, if you aren’t in the majority you better not say anything that isn’t completely PC or you’re gone.

We’re regressing socially while progressing technologically, and it’s gonna get to the point where computers and AI are in far universes exploring while we’ve regressing to the point where we barely have the mental capacity to understand language. There used to be times where people were judged based on how they look, now we’re getting to the point of judging people by how they think – and 90% of the times it’s our own perceptions of how they think and not the real full story.

Once we get to the point where we can’t even talk about how things are different without people thinking we’re biased against one, open conversation for that topic stops. We’re already seeing it get to that point where situations like this happen – there was no refutation of his points, no debate, no pushback, just “We don’t like what you said, you’re fired”.

I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose but I think James has now become a catalyst for an important hurdle that must be overcome, because I can see this happening a lot more in the coming months. People are tired of other people trying to push lies on them to spare feelings, no the races and genders aren’t the same, yes there are some things some types do better than others, and that’s just the way life is. When it comes to life, you can either be real and accept it as it is, or be fake. You have one of two choices, but to try to lie and say that that isn’t the case because of your own insecurities is bad.

Insecurity is the only reason people reject these things. People feel weak because they aren’t good at doing things others are or they feel they should be good at, while not understanding development of most skills takes time. Some types of people like things more than others, and the only ones who complain are the ones who feel some type of way about how society feels instead of shutting up and worrying about how they feel.

In the end, thoughtcrime will only lead to ‘becrime’ – persecution for who you are perceived to be. Liken it to the Salem witch trials – you know how many men probably got a woman burned at the stake because she turned him down, even without proof? Imagine being in a modern day situation of the same ramifications over something you might have unintentionally alluded to but don’t even believe. Imagine losing your job and the way to support your family for being fired over something you didn’t say, and you have no way to fight it. With those types of conditions, can anyone’s career security really be safe in the future unless you own your own business?