Anonymity is Dying

Big Brother Oversight and the Abolishment of Anonymity

So recently we’ve come to the point in the political spectrum where people are using hurt feeling as an excuse to dox people and publicly shame them. If you hadn’t heard the story yet, CNN started a wildfire this week by slyly threatening to dox a reddit user who supposedly posted a gif of Trump beating up the CNN logo, only for it to come out that he may not have been the person who created the image in the first place. There were cries of “violent rhetoric!” and “this will get people killed!” coming from the left, yet when you check recent events they don’t seem to be the ones on the receiving end of violence, but that’s another story.

Now I mention that it came down to “hurt feelings” because when you hear cries of “racism, misogyny, homophobia” and the like, there’s a 92% chance that it was just an insult or a perspective that offended someone and hurt their feelings.

When it comes down to my personal thoughts on these things I’ve always said if it isn’t affecting your health, wealth or standard of living then it isn’t something you need to get outraged about. Mean words and insults and the like are just a part of life. Not everyone you meet will like you, and not all of them will be good people, but if you give people the reaction they want when trying to hurt you you can guarantee they will keep doing it.

That being said though, this issue has taken another form now that the media (and to some extent members of government) are now trying to say that offending someone should be grounds for you to have your personal life blown up and everyone who ever knows you to know about some dumb stuff you said on the internet. The part of it that bothers me the most may not even be them trying to get rid of anonymity itself (which is still a big deal) but the ramifications that could come from this idea being socially accepted.

First of all, who is the one who gets to choose when someone has crossed the line and deserves to have their lives blown up? Blocking tools give us the right to filter and censor out people when we feel like they’re harassing us or annoying us, but at the same time isn’t that sort of thing subjective? Due to personal lives and the frame we all live in everyone sees things like that differently, so what happens the day when someone decides you hurt them and they’re gonna put your entire life on display?

The other thing is, if they’re pushing to make anonymity almost impossible to maintain due to a subjective view of personal behavior, how far could they really take this? There are a lot of people out there who exist on the internet anonymously and have personalities they inhabit, and the argument would quickly turn to the fact that you can’t really play double standards when trying to push a thing like this, especially not in law.

So it would have to be a blanket ban on anonymous activity, and that means 90% of tumblr, all your favorite anonymous twitter accounts, ghostwriters and authors with pen-names, and so many more people will all be forced to operate under their real name and be identified everywhere just to appease the feelings of a small group of people on the internet who aren’t smart enough to use the block and report button. Some of them wont be able to continue and may have their livelihoods destroyed, and innocent victims will be caught up in the crybaby crossfire. People have been crying victim on the internet for so long that soon they’re going to take it to the point where you must have your name, address and phone number put on display just to use the internet.

Not even that, a lot of times these types of people that aren’t too well-liked online still have families or other people they live with that have nothing to do with their activity. These types of doxing can be very dangerous because they can get innocent people hurt and even killed by people who don’t have the mental capacity to not let words make them blow up into a fiery rage.

The most common tactic of someone using an argument they know is outdated or difficult to defend is to shutdown any opposing viewpoints. If you don’t give your enemy the opportunity to change minds then it will never happen, and this I’ve noticed is something that’s starting to work its way more into actual law.

While not actually a law itself yet, Canada’s M-103 motion, which is designed to make it the government’s job to “protect against islamophobia and discrimination,” and no matter your own personal thoughts on the matter you can see how this can and more likely will be used and exploited to silence people and conversations. If it makes it into law it’s only a matter of time before they do it for the other “-isms” too, and with the growing influence world governments have with each other it’s not so far fetched that it would spread.

They’re just looking for new means of control, and once it gets to the point where the government or the media or any type of authoritarian oversight figure has the power to choose what people can and can’t say, what we can and can’t talk about instead of letting us censor and filter things out for ourself, the closer society is to becoming Animal Farm.

If you don’t know who Joseph Stalin is I suggest you google him, because the way people are trying to make things go his ideology might be making a comeback.

At the end of the day you will never be offended or hurt by something someone else says to you, especially on the internet, unless you choose to be. I understand impulsively it may get to you and make you react, but the true test is in how you act. Don’t let people get to you and watch how much happier and more stress free you’ll be in life. Do for self, focus on your health and wealth and be prepared because people out here are trying to play duck hunt with the American Eagle of Freedom.

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