Beat Yourself Up

I’ve been told plenty of times in my life not to beat myself up, that I’m too hard on myself & many other similar things. People usually don’t understand why i’m so hard on myself, but honestly it’s sort of a prevention mechanism if anything.

It may seem strange hearing on paper, but degradation is one of the main ways I keep myself from repeating things in life i’d rather have not done in the first place. I can make myself feel terrible about doing something, & the way I feel from doing so helps keep me from ever going through it again.

There are a lot of things in life I’d love the opportunity to go back in time and change, to fix, but none of this is possible. Until they create a time machine we can never go back and fix the speed  bumps in our lives, but we can create the path going forward.

The only thing you can control about the direction of your life is where it’s going, not where it’s been – yet at the same time you can use where it’s been to your advantage,

Time is the only resource we can’t get more of, when it’s gone it’s gone, when it’s spent it’s spent, and no one really knows how much they have left. Your time is your time and it can be spent how you like on what you like, but do know my quote “You are born alone, and you die alone” definitely does apply here.

You can spend as much of your time helping others and being philanthropic as you want, but don’t forget to still spend the time setting yourself up for the path in life you want to be on.

Now to get back on topic and quit rambling, the main point of this post is that sometimes beating yourself up for the speed bumps you’ve gone over can be a good thing. You should always try to learn to find a lesson or something of the sort in even your worst defeats, every wrong move you make can be a lesson for the future to never do it again.

Sometimes, you never really learn lessons until you make yourself feel bad about what you did. Wasting time, money, it’s very possible that you can overlook just how bad these things get for you until you really sit down and put it into perspective.

Praise wont always do it for you, you can’t always ignore the flaws and the faults you have or attribute them to a third party and think you’ll get better that way. Even when situations are out of your control, sometimes you have to sit back and figure out what you could have did to prevent coming out as the loser in the situation.

Even if there was nothing you can do, you can at least try to figure out how to soften future losses.

I have this issue myself sometimes I’ll go overboard on things and not really realize it until I’ve sat down and thought about it. The feeling of instant regret is enough to make me never want to do it again, but what about the impulses? Things I don’t really consider until it’s too late? Impulsive buys, spats of irritation or anger – these are the things this really comes in handy before.

I liken it to using your regret to keep you from making bad decisions, somewhat. The point being, sometimes you need to do more to keep yourself from repeating your regrets than just sitting down & thinking “Damn, I fucked up”. 

Beating yourself up can be a good thing, and can help you avoid repeating a lot of mistakes in your life.