The Greedy vs The Content: A Cautionary Tale

One of my favorite pasttimes is sitting in public watching how humans interact. Yes it may be a little strange, but at the same time I’m an analyst when it comes to people, situations or anything of the like.

I may make this my new thing, noting and commenting on my observations about humans and how they interact/operate, and my analysis of people/situations. It depends on how it’s recieved.

However, for me it’s akin to being at the zoo for me, I get to see how normal humans operate and the exchanges they have. The logic behind a lot of things people do astound me, I try to understand but I can do neither that not comprehend a lot of it.

Nonetheless I’ve noticed that humans tend to fall into one of two groups, the greedy and the content.

Now when I say greedy I don’t necessarily mean it in the negative connotation that probably just popped in your head, I moreso mean that that are not satisfied with the bare minimum, with “doing your best” as some would say, instead they always need more.

The greedy are the type that I myself am more like, they always want more out of life, they’re always plotting & scheming to see how they can get ahead.

While I will say greed is a trait/state of mind for people that tends to get out of hand very quick and they can’t control it, which is understandable. It’s sort of difficult to regulate wanting everything, but once you focus that frame of mind from “I want everything” to “I want everything I can attain,” it becomes easier.

While this may seem like a limiting attitude, in all actuality it serves as a safety net, a “better safe than sorry” sort of approach to it.

My greed serves as a purpose in life so to speak. I have a “I want to rule the world” type of attitude, I’m not too keen on the idea of becoming another cog in the machine.

The content however, are a completely different topic entirely.

The content are those that have fallen under the spell of the “american dream” & are heading towards becoming a cubicle drone. The saddest part about all of this is that most of them don’t (or at least think they don’t) have the capabilities to seek higher for themselves whether it be financially, mentally, physically, you name it.

The content seem to make up the majority, and I don’t think it’s their fault they became that way but it’s definitely their fault that they remain it. The content are your burger flippers, your cashiers, hell possibly even your bank teller or doctor. Fact of the matter is, neither of these are designations of status – you can be a greedy cashier and a content CEO.

Pop culture, the public education system, the environment we live in – all of these can be major factors in causing someone to become one of the content. It is usually easy to notice the difference between the greedy and the content by attitude alone.

-The greedy are producers, the content are consumers.

-The greedy focus on assets that appreciate or at least settle in value, worth is very important to them. On the other hand, the content tend to focus on material things or short term “happiness”.

-The greedy will be more likely to take a loss as a learning experience, the content will be more likely to sulk over it & use it as an example of how life is against them.

The main difference between the two is that while all the greedy are fighting amongst each other for resources, the content are doing the same with the table scraps the greedy leave behind.

The worst part about all of this is that the content are starting to become angry and discontent with the mediocrity they feel themselves to be dwelling in. It’s at this point that they become vocal and morph into an entirely new archetype…. the needy.

however, that is a story for another time, though I’m sure you already had a few come to mind at the mere mention.