The Shame Game (Morality and why shaming tactics wont work on me)

If you’ve followed along with me on social media this year, you’ve noticed one thing – people seem to have a big issue with my tweets, whether it’s the topic or the way I present it. I’m brash, I’m vulgar, I’m “offensive” & all the thing moral justice warriors hate while acting like they are perfect little angels in private. It’s sad just how easy it’s proven to be to rile up emotions of people these days, all off of words on a phone/computer screen.

Society is hell bent on controlling and policing other people’s’ point of view, their preferences, their way of living, and attempting to exile and condemn those that don’t fall in line. It’s all madness, and throughout all this chaos people have found it common to misconstrue me or my intentions, so I want to take this post to clear up some things to avoid some confusion.

People tend to hear me say the above and go “don’t you try to police other people too herp derp you’re a hypocrite” & you’re free to think that, but that doesn’t make it any more true. I make suggestions and try to offer advice, and if you don’t follow it then that’s on you. I don’t waste my time convincing the stubborn, I’d rather focus my time speaking to those who can follow along whether they agree or disagree.

People like to try to hit at my morality for either a sense of superiority or to try to make me seem like a member of the lower rung of society, and these are the people I call “moral white knights”.

MWK’s love to masquerade online and in the public eye as perfect pictures of moral character, like they are without sin and they’ve never done anything wrong in their personal lives. They become outraged and flabbergasted at things that can be largely ignored by society, they act like the world is supposed to live together in harmony and hakunah matatah and anything that isn’t such sends them into a frenzy.

The thing about this is they try to shame people into submitting to their perfect utopia view of society, and then when it isn’t received the way they want it to be. These people aren’t realists. They obviously either are from a place where everyone is peaceful and happy and there’s no struggle or commotion (yea right), or don’t spent enough time in the real world if they think it’s all cupcakes & rainbows.

This type of attitude annoys me because it seems to be spreading like wildfire, and all it leads to is fun police who want everyone to be something they themselves are most likely not. I am a realistic, pragmatic individual focus on logic and reason, I look at things that happen and why they happened instead of just accepting what I’m told, which leads me to be less than naive than people that just go along with what’s accepted in society.

Above all of this, I am a business minded individual. My business is branding, and I even have started/registered a business for it (which I will begin promoting soon) but when it comes to most things I look at them as I would analyzing a brand.

Businesses, products, even people – I have a tendency to analyze for brand value. This may seem sort of shallow, but it’s the way I look at things.

This year my personal brand has been largely attached to politics, a lot of which I covered in my “Hell of a Year” post, but at the same time my brand has been unique. I haven’t tried to be anyone else or sound like anyone else, I just speak my mind and people tend to gravitate to what I’m saying and my mindset, which I welcome.

Like I discussed earlier though, my detractors seem to take the common route of trying to shame me into either submitting to their views, or to mute my own. Neither will work. People that I will most likely never meet or see a day in my life can dislike me as much as they want, and I honestly find it entertaining that people let lil’ ol’ me get to them that much.

However, when it comes to the shaming route (especially when it comes to political issues), you have to understand that shaming only makes me and my brand stronger – as people see me get attacked by the left, the right, and everywhere in between and come back unscathed it makes them interested, “how can he just brush off these attacks? why doesn’t it bother him?” and etc.

I’m content with all my decisions, especially because when it comes to most of them I’ve already considered repercussions and responses before I make them. If you’re trying to make me feel bad about something I did or said, it wont work. If you’re trying to make me feel bad about my lifestyle, it wont work. If you’re trying to misconstrue something I said or put words in my mouth to try to prove your point, then go ahead – but just know at that point I couldn’t care less what you think because you obviously don’t want to do anything but have your feelings validated, and I’m not the one to do so.

Shaming me only makes me laugh. Trying to attack my morals and make me seem like I’m an aint shit individual does even more, because I already know this is the case so there’s no point in proving it.

People spent months trying to shame my book when I had it as my pinned tweet, but whether I sold 0 copies or 10K copies I’m proud. I sat down and made a plan to write a book and got it done,

People think calling me a coon and saying I’m “no longer black” and a bunch of other bullshit is supposed to change the way I think, but I just find it ironically hilarious and laugh it off.

and then this part just kills me every time it happens:

People are tired of being shamed because they don’t “fit in” with your exclusive group of thinkers. The Shame Game has been in full force this year but a lot of people are sick of playing. The ironic thing is, the more that people attempt to do this, the more offensive people become in response. It’s like they’re breeding the attitudes in people they complain so heavily about.

Trying to shame people into agreement has now resulted in a forceful push back, but by having your own mind, you have the power to control your life.