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Month: November 2016

A Hell of a Year

So this year has been full of unexpected surprises. I had expected to take my plans in a completely different direction┬áthis year, but looking back on it now I’m glad I didn’t. Over the course of the election year I found myself reluctantly emerging as one of the top election influencers/commentators of the season.

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The Shame Game (Morality and why shaming tactics wont work on me)

If you’ve followed along with me on social media this year, you’ve noticed one thing – people seem to have a big issue with my tweets, whether it’s the topic or the way I present it. I’m brash, I’m vulgar, I’m “offensive” & all the thing moral justice warriors hate while acting like they are perfect little angels in private. It’s sad just how easy it’s proven to be to rile up emotions of people these days, all off of words on a phone/computer screen.

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