Rapper Syndrome (Gunz n Butta)

Money being thrown, nice cars that haven’t come out yet doing donuts, women twerking wearing more jewelry than clothing – these are the type of things you typically see in a rap video. Now, rap music/culture is a facet of nig nog culture and has multiple facets in itself, but as of right now I’m referring to nig nog rap.

Before we go on, let me clear up what a nig nog is for anyone who may still be confused:

nig nog
1. a foolish person or degenerate of any race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

A lot of people still either relate the term to some apparently racist roots in the UK (I’m not from and have never been to the UK so I wouldn’t know) or see the “nig” part and assume it has something to do w/ black people. It doesn’t.

Remember that offense is taken, not given, so if you can’t comprehend my explanation and want to still get upset at my use of the word that’s your choice, just don’t expect me to care. at all.

Now that that’s cleared up, let’s move on.

“You got to learn the difference between guns and butter.”  There are two types of niggas, niggas with guns, and niggas with butter.  What are the guns?  That’s the real estate, the stocks and bonds. Art work. Shit that appreciates with value.  What’s the butter?  Cars, clothes, jewelry, all the bullshit that don’t mean shit after you buy it. That’s what it’s all about:  Guns and butter.” – Melvin (Baby Boy)

Rapper Syndrome is when you start valuing butter over guns. You focus on the guns and you’ll live a plentiful life, you and your family. Focus on the guns and you’ll put food on the table for as long as you can manage. Focus on the butter and all you get is crabs in a barrel waiting to catch you slipping.

A lot of people who find themselves getting ingrained in the culture get into it young, when they’re still like clay  and able to be easily molded, and become influenced a lot more than they should.

Rap music is degrading towards…. anyone who isn’t the rapper in question, honestly. The typical rap song nowadays is mainly comprised of multiple, if not all of the following:

“Bitches aint shit/Don’t Trust bitches” .

-I have more money than you you broke ass nigga, my outfit costs ya rent.

-I’ma fuck ya girl cuz I’m a “celebrity”.

-One of my niggas gonna kill you.


You see what I mean? Take one or a few of those, add a hot beat and a few bars about popping pills and smoking weed and you got the next hit. Degradation has honestly become a big part of the music, I guess it gives people a high to use every song telling the entire world how they’re better and richer than everyone else.

I think it’s funny how much time rappers spend in songs talking shit about…. everyone, honestly, especially when you watch interviews and see that their music is just them playing a character.

But when it comes to this topic, it’s important to remember that visualization tends to manifest into reality. When you’ve been seeing things like scantily clad fat asses shaking, jewelry swinging and cars imported from countries you’ve never heard of for most of your life, wanting to be like these people you see in these videos and hear in these songs is a strong possibility.

I can attest, for a while I was a victim of Rapper Syndrome.

Influences can come from anywhere in the world, and while you are the only person who can make you fall prey to them, you are also the only one who can make you see the light. When they start young and stick as you grow older they take a hold on you, and can result in you developing attitudes and mindsets (see above link: Don’t Trust Bitches) that aren’t really you, they might just feel good or sound good for the moment.

The music can give you sort of an empowered high and make you feel like you’re on top of the world, like you can do anything and get away with it, trust me I’ve been there before, but it’s important to remember that this is just music.

A lot of what these rappers talk about in these songs is either semi-fiction or fantasy, and they know they wont be called out because to most it’s too much entertainment for them to worry about authenticity. All this rap music is made for these days is background music for the club/drugged out parties these days, you’ll rarely hear anything where you even have to think about the lyrics… if you can even comprehend them.

So what is rapper syndrome? You’ve probably been wondering why I didn’t explain that yet huh? Well let’s get to it.

One of the main things about RS is that is encourages you to show off for people who don’t even matter to your life that much. One of the most prominent things in rap culture is “stunting/flexing” aka showing off to everyone around you how much money you have – whether that be throwing it, counting it, waving it, spending it, putting it all in your outfit…. you name it.

Stunting and flexing gets people robbed. The more vocal and visual you are with your assets, the more likely it is that people around you will try to take them from you, especially in crab in a barrel environments.

Rapper Syndrome is what happens when someone forgets how to remove their earphones from their ears, and rap music becomes their nature sounds.

It’s when they decide to start trying to be like their favorite rapper, or act like they’re from their environment. Kids will start randomly acting tough and like they’re “about that life” when they can’t even accurately bust a gun in call of duty. They’ll start hanging in groups (honestly these kids seem to be bands of disadvantaged kids than actual, organized gangs) and start doing things that would earn them a spot among the niggliest of nogs.

I see it happen in Philly all the time – I know too many of my younger brother’s friends who try to act like they’re from “Chiraq” and really out here selling drugs and shooting people, when they’re far from it. I’ve always wondered what type of idiot you’d have to be to really think that selling drugs, robbing people and murder sound like a good gameplan for living real life, that’s what they have Grand Theft Auto for.

You listen to rap and it makes it seem like these peoples’ lives were hood action movies, like every drug deal was like the ‘Transporter’ movie series featuring Tyrone Statham, it makes some people feel like they can live these lives on their own and be successful.

Rapper Syndrome will have you out here feeling ready to start trapping and seeing those hunnids start raking in, until you remember how little you’d enjoy being inside of a prison cell (& and take it from me, none of you would).

Now, understand that this isn’t a post bashing rap music or even rap culture, not at all. People will forever have differences in preferences especially when it comes to entertainment, but whatever type of music you like shouldn’t be any type of shaping/driving force in your life…. it should just be entertainment.

After all, how are you gonna be independent yet you’re trying to be like/doing everything like another person because they make music you like? It’s hilarious seeing people get outraged and upset that their favorite rapper isn’t liked or highly acknowledged, especially on Twitter.

I’m just like “Do they know you?”

The sad thing is, a lot of people have Rapper Syndrome and don’t even know it.

  • You spending more money per month on clothes than rent/bills? Or, more realistically, spending most of or your entire paycheck shopping for clothes just to look nice to impress other people you rarely know? You have Rapper Syndrome.
  • Stuck in the habit of calling women ‘bitches’ and can’t figure out why? Simple. Rapper Syndrome.
  • You got a nice car but you can barely afford insurance/maintenance/gas? Rapper Synd r o m e.

Now mind you, again I’m not blaming rap culture for any of this as that’s as bad an argument as saying video games are responsible for violence done by those who play them.

I’m fully immersed in the culture and none of it has any impact on me, and at the end of the day I honestly think you’re a fool if you let this culture take hold of you to the point where it’s sinking you into degeneracy.

If you can be that easily influenced by music and people who will likely never know you exist, you’re easily impressionable and will be taken advantage of.

At the end of the day this music, this culture is all entertainment – yea it may be fun to listen, dance and party to, but past that we all have real lives and real responsibilities to handle in our own lives, and can’t afford to be giving all our time and energy to the entertainment industry.

A lot of the things they do are just for show, a lot of it is stunting and flexing, there have been multiple to have been found to not even live the life they claim they do…. and these are the ones people try so hard to emulate?

Y’all need to stop spending so much time trying to be like your favorite rapper/celebrity and spend more time being yourself. The more you envy them for what they have and lust after their assets, the less time you’ll have to focus on your own life and building your own assets.

After all, is your attachment to the culture doing anything to pay your bills? Put money in your pocket? Benefit your health?

If not, spend more time focusing on things that do, and less on mind-numbing music made by people who don’t know you exist and likely wouldn’t care about you if they did.

Focus on the guns, leave the butter alone.

Be sure to check out my book CONTROL (guns) for more on having your own mind, freeing yourself from outside influence and being productive in the world that you create for yourself and your family.