Victim Mentality destruction


People often commend me on the fact that it’s so easy for me to ignore attacks and not take them seriously, a trait I still find it confusing that many people lack. The scope of my political and social views leave me open to being the enemy of many people, as anyone who follows me on twitter knows, but people often wonder how it’s so easy for me to just brush everything off and stick to doing what I do.

The answer is simple: detachment.

Detachment is the default mode for me on many issues, as I find it hard to really put time and effort into trying to change a problem that I’m in no position to fix. It’s easy to pay something no mind because it doesn’t harm or affect me directly.

In my mind it’s sort of like I see an issue written on a piece of paper, read it, ball it up and throw it away. Yea, I noticed it but I have other things to focus on.

This view is also coupled with the fact that I look at the world realistically, and in real life people who truly selflessly care about others are few and quite rare. It is in human nature to be selfish in order to succeed themselves, and it has become very common to observe this trait in others.

It’s one of the reasons why I have little issue with cutting off relationships with people – when it’s happened to you suddenly as many times as it’s happened to me it helps you to realize it.

Humans act according to their own self interests, and once you understand this, understanding why people do certain things is a lot easier.

Too many people these days are Identity Prisoners, and don’t even realize it.

Once you learn how to not let your emotions get caught up in the mass hysteria and hype of the days’ issues, you’ll be happier.

People often misinterpret me saying things like this as saying I have no feelings about these issues or don’t care, and while that is sometimes the case, it largely breaks down to me knowing how to deal with them.

Yea some of these issues might annoy me, or I might feel like wrong was done or things of that nature, but if I’m not in a position to fix or help the problem then what is the use of complaining? Especially on Twitter.

This especially comes into use with insults and attacks, I could care about something out of line a Twitter account said to me, or I could keep scrolling and ignore it, or I could lock my phone and find something else to do…. the possibilities are endless.

People feed into harassment and bullying behavior and then wonder why it continues against them. If you can detach your feelings from it, laugh at it, brush it off to the side – this will usually either confuse or annoy your detractors and is useful for getting them off your case.

I’d rather put my time into things that I can actually do and have a direct effect on, I can easily see something and not agree with it but detach myself from putting a focus on it.

If I can’t fix it, I nix it, because what is gonna be the result when you complain but disdain? I just look at it as we only get allotted a certain amount of time in life, which we don’t know the amount of, so why would I waste my time crying and complaining when I can spend that time building and growing?

Detach yourself from things that aren’t important, from things that are out of your control and focus on improving your life, and watch how much better your life gets.