Be about your Business

With all the recent commotion that has been going on in many aspects, I see a lot of emotions being flared. Buzzwords and insults thrown, friends and family blocked out – it’s been a very tense and emotional year.

If you’re skilled in being able to detach yourself from letting these things get to you, you’ve probably found yourself being more invested in yourself and your own issues. With the way the country is these days it’s easy to find yourself caught up in the hysteria of the daily trends, but this will only get you caught up and keep you distracted.

I’ve said it before, that no one is more important to your life than you are. It’s sad these days seeing people become slaves to labels/brands/celebrities because they want to feel included or want to feel like someone is speaking for them. It’s part of the tribalistic nature of human beings, people want to feel like a part of some group – the more exclusive the better.

It’s led to people grouping up and lashing out at those they wronged by, for whatever reason that may be. The problem is a lot of this isn’t being directed at the people causing the issues at the top, it’s mostly isolated incidents. I can’t be sure as I don’t live other people’s live for them, but it seems like the consumer mindset has consumed the public, pun intended.

I talk about this a lot when I speak on economics, on the importance of a producer mindset and creating income sources/wealth. It’s important to have more than one income source, especially if you have multiple sources where you’re spending this money constantly. A lot of people also aren’t too familiar with the concept of residual income – money that you set up to be made for you without you having to constantly manage it.

I’ve talked to a lot of people working dead end jobs and living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in the rut of “My life just can’t get any better,” but they’re wrong. When you’re at your lowest the only place you can go from there is up, and with the modern world we live in today there aren’t that many excuses for not being able to do better.

What you don’t know you can always learn, and it doesn’t always require spending 4 years in college to do it. People covet the education system but don’t realize that application and experience are always better than a piece of paper you went to some extra classes for.

I tried the college thing, it wasn’t for me. If you can get through it without killing yourself then I applaud you, but little things like not finishing or even going to college shouldn’t be an excuse for being a constant consumer. I had one of those types of mindsets too, but I had to realize that spending all my money on things that brought nothing in return wasn’t a smart way to live.

Whatever your talents or skills are, there is almost always a way to monetize it. The good thing is these talents/skills can usually be applied to things that you can either turn into residual income, or a full time job.

People think it’s extremely difficult and you have to go to business school to do a lot of things, but a lot of the information you need you can find on your own time. Especially if you’re working a part time/full time job, you should be monetizing your skills on your own time to increase your cash flow.

I did it:

-One of my talents is psychology/understanding people, and one of my skills is sales – so I put the two together in terms of marketing.
-I like graphic design and creative arts, so I’m in the process of forming a company that deals with things of that nature. I already started in this direction with my shirt store, which will branch off into more apparel soon.
-One of my skills is writing, so I started a blog and wrote a book. My skills in marketing also come into play here, as the better I market my book, the more people buy it.
-My skills in business management are about to be put to use, as I’m putting together plans for a few businesses now – both brick & mortar and online.

The point is, whatever you like to do/are good at can almost always be monetized. Not everyone is CEO minded or anything of the sort, but you can always turn what you like/are good at into a way to make money.

That money can be partly saved, and partly invested in things with a return of investment. By doing this you’re creating more money saved, and more money brought in, all the while still working and doing whatever it is you do.

Produce your own content that you own, that you can control, and build your own brand. Become your own boss so that you don’t become trapped as a worker bee for the rest of your life. Don’t you want to have tangible assets to leave to your children, create generational wealth so that they might have a better chance than you did?


Or are you gonna stay a consumer slave and pass this mindset down for generations.