media always lying

The Media is always lying to you

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the Old Media and the New Media go back and forth on the topic of Hillary’s health. Some people may not think it’s a big deal but to anyone actually interested in the future of this country, we’d rather not be inaugurating our next President on her deathbed.

Her supporters have been trying to write off all the speculation about her health as “sexist, misogynist rumors designed to keep her down,” but I bet that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It seems as if Hillary really is undergoing extreme health problems, and her trying to put on this wonder woman act to secure the Presidency may just cost her what’s left of the rest of her life.

Apparently Hillary has pneumonia, which is the 3rd in a variety of different explanations the media gave to us to explain her sudden collapse – only this one was actually from her doctor. Now the only part of the pneumonia explanation which makes sense in terms of the actual event is the symptom of shortness of breath, but even that still seems like an easy cop out.

When you pay attention to these things it’s easy to notice how the media tends to try to spin them, and create their own narrative for these stories that barely make sense. News stories constantly get eaten up and lost in the media cyclone and it’s at the point where I tend to just scroll past them unless I see a big fuss being made about something for a period of time, that’s how I know it’s either something legitimate or a media cover up.

Over the last couple of days I’ve seen quite a few of both, but there have been some key moments that stuck out to me.

Like this:

Which led to this:

Followed by the media creating this:

To create situations like this:

Which ended up with David Duke trending on Twitter and Hillary trying to connect the Trump campaign to the 70 remaining KKK members that aren’t CIA once again. It’s all becoming roller-coaster game show at this point and I can’t wait to get off, but honestly this election has at least given me concrete reasons and examples of how the media is bad and I have support for my anti-mainstream media mentality.

If you can’t notice what happened, the media saw that Hillary’s health was becoming a big story with the public again so they needed a distraction.

What’s the perfect distraction you may ask? Call someone a racist bigot and slap associations on people based on a refusal to devolve into a sandbox name-calling match, and you’ve got a hit election piece!

I watched this happen in real time, and predicted a bit of it in my head while watching, and honestly after watching this happen dozens of times over the course of the election I can’t trust anything the media says to be accurate without looking into it myself.

Both Old Media and New Media have habits of not looking into the entirety of a situation to push a narrative, and while the Old doesn’t have much of a grasp on facts in the first place to present to its viewers, the New media preys on its viewers’ lust for the slightest hint of a vague explanation to explain their arguments they can’t explain themselves.

Honestly after seeing all the misleading headlines that are skimmed and purported as fact, how naive and gullible people are to believe these stories, and how the media uses this to their advantage, it’s increased my skepticism tenfold.

I don’t blame any of them honestly, as journalism is truly dead. 

I’ve talked about before how being a natural skeptic is healthy and is a good way to keep yourself from being walked over (better to play it safe than be sorry) and in instances of listening to the media, this is definitely the case.

To the media, you as an individual person don’t exist. You can notice discrepancies and blatant lies, but unless you’re a shark in a fish tank your voice will be lost among the rest of those who are just blindly following along.

It’s sort of maddening to be able to pick this type of stuff out every time it happens in the media, and to realize that it happens so much. It gives you a “well if these are the people we’re supposed to believe than who can we really trust?” sort of uneasy feeling, which I also feel is a good thing because it makes you more likely to seek out the actual story for yourself if it interests you enough.

One of Hillary’s biggest campaign contributors over the course of her career has been Time Warner. Time Warner owns Turner Broadcasting Network, the assets of which include CNN, and considering CNN has been one of the most disingenuous and anti-Trump media channels there has been for the entire election, it all makes sense.

Stuff like this is just a small piece of a giant puzzle that when completed, goes to show just how little the media is to be trusted.

They will lie to you, they’ll tell you they landed under sniper fire in Bosnia when you have evidence to the contrary, they’ll tell you there’s an epidemic of cops vs citizens even when stats say otherwise, they’ll tell you the divide between genders and races is 1000x bigger than it actually is and you’ll fall for it, because you’ve fallen for them preying on your vulnerabilities.

Do you even have your own opinions anymore, or are you just parroting the words of others because they sounded too good to be false when you heard them?