Dead Center: An Analysis

It’s been quite an interesting year for me, one I haven’t expected myself honestly. I expected to start taking baby steps this year and just start getting momentum by the end of the year, but by the middle of 2016 my name was already starting to spread a bit.

  • The success of my Nig Nog Culture article boosted me into the views of producer Loren Feldman who, along with Mike Cernovich, invited me to be a part of their documentary on the War on Free Speech – Silenced!
  • I released my book to moderate success. Considering I’m relatively unknown I didn’t really expect it to be a smash hit or sell out or anything like that, but I’m happy with the numbers that it’s done so far.
  • I’m in the process of writing another, which I will be releasing more details for soon.
  • I’ve been doing so much this year that it’s been sort of hard to stay consistent, but I’m starting to build up my other platforms as well.
  • I’ve been getting some publicity and exposure in political and social circles, I’m honestly still getting used to the attention. It’s interesting to have people actually waiting and wanting to hear my opinion on things.

One topic that has been much of discussion, however, is where I stand on the left-right wing spectrum when it comes to politics. I’ve said before I’m a staunch believer of not labeling myself, unless under certain circumstances (I.E. Hotep) so I tend to avoid picking a side on the issue. However, with the recent increase in people wondering my opinion on the matter I felt like I had to clarify.

I neither identify with the left wing or the right wing, as both groups have bad eggs (both known and unknown) that turn me off from the ideology entirely. If I had to label myself, I would call myself a centrist. I’m more friendly to the right than I am to the left, but I do not agree with the idea that they are always right in a situation just because they aren’t crying about victimization.

While I do believe that social inequality and classification is inevitable and the way of life, the more extremist nature of a growing number of right wingers is what turns me off to the wing entirely. I find that this is mostly found in the alt-right which I honestly see as two different parts that make up a whole.

  • The “aut-right” are the ones who spend their days making fun of and joking about people online, and often make confusing, sort of autistic type of memes that I honestly find to be funny. Most of them are 17-18 and don’t have the power to really do anything anyway. I think a lot of people seem to be caught up in this patriotism wave that Trump has going, and a lot of them have found a home there so it’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts.
  • The “not-right” are the ones that spend their time attacking everyone else who they feel isn’t right/doesn’t have the right to complain about their life – ergo the name. This is usually the sector of the right where you find the people who genuinely dislike black people, either because of the way we see the degenerates act in the media or it was an idea molded into their head.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not attacking just the right, the left has some vile racist nig nogs too, but it’s an attitude I see coming from right wingers 9.999/10.

I can’t get behind the left’s stance of attempting to rebuild and recreate every disadvantaged person. I agree that there are people in this country in situations that aren’t of their creation, that haven’t started well off in life and may have gotten the short end of the stick – but you will never rise up from those situations if you keep sitting around waiting for the next handout.

If you were born into a disadvantaged situation, came into life feeling like you just weren’t good enough or didn’t have enough, why would you leave that future for your children?

There are plenty of people who overcame social and economic disadvantages to become extremely successful people. Rags to riches stories can be found in quite a few places, and the difference between them and you is that they spent their time working instead of complaining.

Long term thinking > Short term thinking, but the left wing and their liberal mindsets seem to have people stuck in a short term way of thinking.

Instead of “let me start looking into starting this business so by this time next year I won’t be on welfare” the left thinks “Let me figure out how to last until I get these food stamps in 2 weeks and then I’ll be cool”.

Short term thinking will lead you to accomplish a goal and then just sit there, stuck and unknowing what to do next. Long term goals are key because along the way, you will come up with other short and long term goals that will be up next on the queue when you’re finished with the task at hand. Don’t get me wrong either – I’m not saying short term goals are bad, they should just be a complement to the long term goals you have set for your life and not your main focus.

I believe that it is possible to help those that are disadvantaged in this country without making them dependent on the government for their everyday life, which is what I feel like the right wing believes in more than the left. It is possible to offer assistance without weaning them on the mammary gland of the United States.

After all, your only claim you have for assistance is the fact that you were born into a bad situation because of factors that affected your parents that you can now work to get out of, but instead you feel like you deserve to be coddled. There are hundreds of thousands of people in this country like that who were able to make the best of their situation, but the left will have you thinking this is a myth, like they do w/ black on black crime.

The left will have you believe that if you were born poor, you will die poor and vice versa. They’ll have you think that if you were born of a certain race or skin color that you are always going to be more disadvantaged and less well off than others. The left makes you look in the mirror and see inferior, see a victim.

However, I will say that with all of my qualms with the victimhood and inferiority complex the left has, I’ve seen a lot less leftist extremists than I have right wing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen the left get wild and unruly quite a few times, but I’ve seen it happen a lot more with the right.

Another thing I notice is the left is usually quick to check other leftists that they feel is going against their values, meanwhile the right wing tends to ignore “wing traitors,” their time is too busy spent attacking the left.

I have attitudes and concepts from both sides that I believe, so I can’t really claim one side over the other – although if anything I will say I’m more right leaning. They a lot of times have a problem with how they present/talk about the issues, but their thoughts tend to be spot on. The left wants to keep people dependent on the authoritarian government, and wants to try to use the government to force social equality (a myth) onto people.

There are differences between man and woman, between different races that goes deeper than skin color – but the difference is the right will tell you uses these to your advantage, while the left will tell you that your life is fucked but it isn’t your fault and they have a magic lamp with 3 wishes for you.

I am a Realist. I deal with real life and adapt to it as it changes. I have control of my thoughts, my emotions, my mood and my mindset – and no one can take that from me. I catch a lot of flack from both the left and right – a lot of people either take my words out of context, don’t like how I said something, or just don’t like that I said at all – but I can’t let criticism get me down, especially if it isn’t constructive.

So, who are you gonna let hold the reigns to your life? Who are you gonna let steer you in the right directon?

Are you going to depend on the government and other people, or are you going to take Control of your life and make sure your children don’t have to go through the same disadvantages and hardships you faced?

The choice is yours.