Break the System

Break the System

So it’s definitely been a hell of a last couple days.

Between cops shooting people and people shooting cops, the tensions in this country are running dangerously high. Emotions are at a high right now and the pot has been constantly stirred by recent events. The divide between people right now is bad, and it’s only just beginning.

Whites vs Blacks.

Blacks vs Cops. 

“Woke Blacks” vs “Sleep Blacks”

Everybody wants to be right, everyone wants to have their feelings validated and secured and it’s resulted in a lot of name-calling and stone throwing. Everyone is feeling really defensive and as a result they’re on the offensive.

It’s easy for emotions to cloud judgement and disrupt an argument, or understanding of an argument. It’s difficult for many people to detach the two from each other.

Looking at everything in life from an emotional standpoint will lead you to be easily influence, people with an understanding of basic psychology can understand how it’s easy to prey on the weak-minded once they have that type of mindset.

I’m saying this because it’s disheartening to see the direction the world is going in. People are being easily lead by the media and their invoking victimhood and rage and aggression in people akin to America post-Trayvon.

This recent shooting of 11 (at the time of writing) Police Officers at an Anti-Police shooting, peaceful protest (the irony) is the latest in a slew of incidents that have this country boiling. There’s a huge distrust coming from both sides right now – blacks don’t trust cops, and they more than likely don’t trust us either.

Logically thinking about these types of situations allows me to critically analyze them and spend time thinking of solutions, instead of complaining.

We complain about everyone being broke, but we spend all our money on major name white owned retailers and products. Is this because of a lack of producers and businesses in black communities? From my experience yes, but I can’t speak for the entire nation.

I’ve made the comparison before to Asian communities in the U.S. and how they keep their communities tight and their money within it, it would be beneficial for us to do the same. You notice how in a lot of cities you go to with a significant Asian population, they have a “Chinatown” of some sort?

According to the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, black buying power is projected to be around $1.2 Billion for this year alone….. so how are so many of us still complaining about financial inequality?

Is it also unsurprising how Asians are the only group that earns more money than Whites in this country, given my “Chinatown” reference from earlier?

I’ve been saying forever the only way to address the issues of “white supremacy” and inequality in this country is through economics, being more producers, spending more money within our communities etc.

I’ve been saying forever that in the same way you have to change yourself before you can change the world, you have to help your community before you can change the country,

If we as black people are so distrusting of our police force, why aren’t there more black cops? Black judges? If we want the system to work equally for us, we have to work from the inside – but no one realizes this.

Some of these “gangs” and grassroots organizations could be policing our communities since they don’t trust cops to do it, but instead they want to beg the same people they think are oppressing them to stop shooting them.

The common attitude towards blacks that want to be cops isn’t positive. You’ll commonly hear disgust, things like “you an opp bro” or “you the law?” will be constant questions to most people considering a career in the force.

You also hear many people say that blacks don’t want to be cops because they don’t want to have to be going against and arresting their own people, but who would you rather have in that situation – a black cop who knows the community and people in it and may be more invested in deescalating the situation, or a “racist white cop” who is looking for a chance to exploit his authority and God complex?

Who would you rather see in the courtroom when a black man is on trial – a “racist white judge” hellbent on giving him the maximum amount of time, or someone who likely knows where he comes from and has a better chance of looking at the case from a neutral standpoint.

Y’all say the laws are against us, so why don’t we have more people trying to get into politics to help make these laws more equal and fair? Y’all wanna beg the same people who made things unfair in the first place to make the law equal for us and think that makes sense?

Don’t y’all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

No, if we’re gonna get equal we have to start fighting from within the system. More black men have to stop being so afraid of the “you a opp” stigma and either become members of the police force, or take part in ensuring the safety of their own communities.

We have to stop begging other people to do it for us and do it ourselves if we want to make change.

Why is it so easy to find a majority black community being policed by white people, but not vice versa? You see my point?

We need more lawyers, more judges, more politicians so that we can start making a level playing field for us. We complain about not having representation in the system, but are many of us even trying?

Don’t try to hit me with the “well why don’t you become one?” because that’s not my path, but that’s also not the point. My point is mainly a call to action to those that want to get involved in the system to make change, but are afraid of your peers, you have your doubts or whatever it is – you can be the change.

Everyone of you can be either a small or a major part of the change needed to put us in the position we feel like grants us equality in this country, but it doesn’t make a difference until you take that first step.

Until you make the decision to disregard your friends and the nay-sayers, become a Cop and make a difference in your community.

Until you go to law school and go to bat for people from situations and upbringings like yours who may have been in a bad situation or gotten into some trouble.

Until you’re sitting in that chair and you have the power to either ruin someone’s life, or help them get it back on track, you’ll never know if you could have been the spark to light the fire of change.

The only way to really beat the system is from the inside out…. so ask yourself, which sounds like a better way to spend your time?

Trying to Hate the System, or Break the System?

Oh yea speaking of all of these recent events, don’t forget.