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Month: July 2016

Doing Your Best isn’t Good Enough

everyone wants to have, no one wants to do.

— ├Ždonis | hotep (@lordaedonis) July 21, 2016

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Break the System

So it’s definitely been a hell of a last couple days.

Between cops shooting people and people shooting cops, the tensions in this country are running dangerously high. Emotions are at a high right now and the pot has been constantly stirred by recent events. The divide between people right now is bad, and it’s only just beginning.

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Is Trump Racist? Let’s take a look

As the now infamous “Here’s 10 Examples of Donald Trump being racist” that is the go-to rhetoric for the anti-trump crowd when asked to prove his racism was making its way around the net, I read it a few times it was posted and a lot of the article stood out to me.

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