oppression olympics

The Oppression Olympics

Well it’s the summer of 2016 and as most of you have already seen, the Oppression Olympics are in full swing. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically the battle that different minorities and groups go through to try to prove that they’re more oppressed than the rest, and as such deserve special treatment.

I guess you could say it’s a ‘Special Snowflake Contest’ – each group assumes that the rest of society hates them and can’t get out of their collective grouping mindset, they see groups and not individuals when making their judgments. It’s at the point where groups take sides in the Oppression Olympics for people who aren’t even registered themselves (I.E. When whites get offended over “racism” that blacks don’t even care about).

With the Victim Mentality that many people have, it’s impossible for them to see themselves as a Champion, as a competitor who will rise up over their opposition – you just wanna whine and complain and look for reasons to be oppressed.

Whenever one person of a particular minority speaks out on the oppression they’ve faced, guarantee you there will usually be someone of another group coming up on their heels to tell you just how much worse life is for them being who they are. When blacks comment on their plight in the U.S., the LGBT community will be there to tell you just how much worse it’s been for them the entire time.

While radical Islamic extremists are going on killstreaks for reasons connected likely to religion, everyone is too afraid to speak out against it for fear of the repercussions from SJW’s. Blacks catch heat from Gays when they talk about their plight, who proceed to stand up against ‘Islamaphobia’ even though if you ask most Muslims I’m pretty sure they’ll say homosexuality is against their religion. How this makes sense to anyone I don’t know, but when you’re using #LiberalLogic I guess you can’t expect too much sense to be made at all.

When it comes to any situation (or at this point, conversation) in the U.S., it’s going to turn into a childish back-and-forth of “I know you’re heavily oppressed but so am I.”

It’s annoying watching people try to “out-victim” each other whenever situations come up, and instead of speaking out against the degeneracy in everyone’s culture, people glorify it. In today’s times shunning degeneracy in your community and promoting positivity and and cooperation makes you a victim of “self-hate.”

How I supposedly hate myself, and my black people for saying “shooting and selling drugs is bad, we need to do more reading, learning and open more black businesses” I can’t fathom, but these are usually coming from people with silver medals in the Oppression Olympics anyway.

It’s like empowerment and strength and unity are all good things to talk about and preach to other people, but when it comes down to do it most of you will find any little reason you can to play the victim and find the highest mountain you can to scream it from so everyone will hear you.

Listen to me when I say this: For the most part, No one cares.

Everyone has their own lives to live, and you will likely never find yourself being more important in someone’s life than they are, and vice versa. Focus on improving yourself and forging your own path to succeed at life, and stop focusing all your attention on the invisible boogeymen breathing down your neck.

People are too quick to judge others off the internet based off a few tweets and a profile but you don’t really know people. Someone can be the biggest motivational tweeter on the planet and a scumbag piece of shit in real life. On the other hand, someone can seem like one of the worst people the internet has ever produced but end up being a great person in real life.

But instead y’all like to group people into boxes and categories and use your judgement of the collective instead of trying to come to a conclusion about the person from experience.

This is what makes it easy for the Oppression Olympics to continue. Y’all will find a person of a particular group who has spoken out against you and retrofit their mindset to an entire group of people, and not understand how little sense that makes.

Being Hotep, I deal with it all the time – people see the Hotep in my display name and attack me based off the feelings they have of the collective. I usually ignore it and find it funny, but that just goes to show just how people will judge you based off a first impression.

Blacks think all whites hate them and will cherry-pick a few instances of racist incidents happening in the U.S. and act like it’s still a widespread consistent thing, like we’re still getting hosed and dogs sicced on us walking down the street. Gays will see that and find 5 more incidents than the black man and declare that they’re hated more. Muslims will claim to be the most oppressed and leave it tot he Gays to prove just how true it is. It’s a huge “Unpopularity Contest” and I think it makes no sense.

If people spent less time trying to prove how much everyone hates them whenever every issue came up, people would be able to have more open dialogue about topics.

It’s a bit annoying trying to discuss something only for someone to come out of the blue and say “Well we were persecuted and attacked 300 years ago so I’m gonna harp on that in this discussion of an issue today.”

It makes you not want to talk to anyone about anything because you don’t know whether you’re gonna get civil discourse, or a victimhood circle jerk.

I know I’m different than anybody else, I know I haven’t live through the ‘struggles’ or ‘oppression’ anyone else has faced, but I’ve been through some pretty demeaning and disheartening shit in my life. I’ve been ‘bullied’ & had to go through real racist incidents, I used to be fat and think I was never gonna get better, I’ve had times where I felt like there was no point to life anymore…. but I don’t say that to play the victim or participate in the Oppression Olympics at all.

I say that to say that no matter what you go through in life,  would you rather come out of life with a Championship Gold Medal, or a Victimhood Coal Medal?