echo chamber

The Echo Chamber & Politically Correct Culture

The Echo Chamber is a topic I find to be amusing every time it’s brought up, especially because I see examples of it daily. An Echo Chamber is what someone builds when they surround themselves with yes-men.

When you see those big accounts on Twitter coughfeministscough that tend to swiftly block anyone that even slightly disagree with them and only respond to people who blindly agree with them? That’s an echo chamber.

The people in real life that refuse to listen to any differing opinions, and will either attack you or laugh at you for trying to engage in civil discourse? Those affected my cognitive dissonance – yup, they’ve successfully built an echo chamber.

It’s sad that so much of the world is taken up by people who cloak themselves in these in an attempt to safeguard their emotions and protect their ego. There are so many people today that are afraid of how they’d look if they were proven wrong, that they’ll attempt to spin a narrative out of nowhere in an attempt to make themselves seem right.

People can’t accept being wrong anymore – it’s not that they aren’t wrong, it’s that it can’t click in their brain to accept it and come back more informed next time.

I’m prone to engage in all types of discourse of different people on my Twitter, some more mild-mannered than others, but I’m always welcome to consider opinions that are different to mines. Considering how my mindset is different from pretty much anyone anywhere, it’s not rare that I end up being the black sheep on a certain topic. It’s fine, I’m used to being one of the few to hold steady to my differing beliefs so it’s nothing new.

When it comes to the world in general however, people have to stop being so afraid of other people’s opinions and comments…. especially on the internet. I’m still trying to figure out how people are able to let words that people who don’t know them personally type to them over the internet affect their real life mood.

It’s so easy to either ignore or laugh at the “abuse” y’all face online daily, and instead people tend to feed into it and cause the situation to get worse. People don’t understand if you feed a troll it will get bigger, and if you ignore it it will eventually go away.

It’s at the point where people are getting upset and doing entire article about a supposed “jewish slur” that’s really just trolling from the alt-right that’s doing a very effective job. People are really upset that some anonymous twitter account put ((())) around their names to label them as jews. They used to get their houses ransacked and rounded up to get taken to camps, and now they’re upset over twitter trolls tweeting “gas the kikes!”

Blacks used to have to worry about getting snatched up on the street and hung from a tree, and now people get up in arms over people calling them niggers and monkeys on the internet.

I’m really confused on how this generation has gotten to the point where we can’t enjoy real life and ignore the “bullying” we face over a cell phone.

If seeing things like this trigger you, it should. The fact of the matter is, the world is turning into a bunch of complainers. Y’all complain about everything to the point where none of it even means anything anymore.

Y’all are quick to throw out words like “racist” and “misogynist” and 90% of the time probably can’t even recite the definition. Y’all are so quick to get in your feelings and shout out these buzzwords as a rallying call for victimhood, and it’s to the point where most of it is a joke.

Y’all have overused these words so bad that its become a “Boy who Cried Wolf” situation, and y’all are letting the real racists, misogynists, etc., slip under the radar because everyone has the accusation being flung at them.

People are censoring themselves because they’re afraid of the opinions of other people, and as a result they fail to be themselves.

Everyone tries to adapt to the crowd they want to fit into and turn into social chameleons, everyone is conforming to the mindsets and standards of the lunch table they’ve chosen to inhabit. It’s like high school all over again.

No one wants to be themselves, a lot of people don’t even know how to anymore. They’ve turned into water – they assume the shape and form of any container they’re placed in, or any group/situation they’re placed into. It’s sad seeing people be such mimicry’s of the people they’re around.

I’ve been known to get into disagreements with people because I have my own opinions and don’t go along with the crowd, some people think that’s weird and that’s fine.

I’d rather be myself and make myself the most important factor in my life anyway. Wouldn’t you?