victor not victim

Victor, not Victim

Honestly I’m gonna start this off by saying that in it’s current state, the world is annoying. Simple as that. You can’t eat, breathe, sleep or talk without someone somewhere giving their opinion on what they would have done better.

Quay and Brett interview

Interview with Quay and Brett

So today I’m back with another Podcast, featuring Quay and Brett who are young Trump supporters who went viral overnight for being featured in this video. When It was first sent to me I admired them for their ability to stay calm and collect in that situation, and for not backing down based on repeated rhetoric from opposition with no evidence or basis. Watching the video I knew I had to interview them and pick their brains on politics, and I’m glad I got just the opportunity to do so. You can follow them on Twitter by clicking on their names in the paragraph above.
oppression olympics

The Oppression Olympics

Well it’s the summer of 2016 and as most of you have already seen, the Oppression Olympics are in full swing. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s basically the battle that different minorities and groups go through to try to prove that they’re more oppressed than the rest, and as such deserve special treatment.