Be a Coon

How to be a Coon

Interestingly enough, Coon has evolved from being a derogatory word used against Blacks by Whites, to being used against Blacks most often by our own race. These days if you search the word “Coon” on twitter, you’ll see it usually used towards black people to describe their attitudes towards white people.

Either way the meaning today is so misconstrued that it means something different to the user almost every time it is used, so much so that it’s hard to pinpoint a true definition of the term.

(ORIGIN: Birthed from a popular song in the 1830s called Zip Coon, the “Coon” as it came to be known was an arrogant, ostentatious figure, he dressed in high style and spoke in a series of malaprops and puns that undermined his attempts to appear dignified.” The white actors who portrayed these characters spoke an exaggerated form of Black Vernacular English. The blackface makeup and illustrations on programs and sheet music depicted them with huge eyeballs, very wide noses, and thick-lipped mouths that hung open or grinned foolishly. They also frequently had huge feet and preferred “possum” and “coon” to more civilized terms.)

So basically a sister-slur to how whites used to call blacks niggers (& my feelings on that word and its uses especially in regards to the internet is another post entirely).

The ironic thing about it is that this word has almost a completely opposite meaning these days, especially used by the millennial crowd on twitter. These days somebody calling you a coon has almost the same weight as being called one of the other SJW-Buzzwords (racist, homophobic, transphobic blah blah) and I tend to laugh and continue on with my day.

Being called a coon is largely a joke these days, thrown around by defensive blacks suffering from cognitive dissonance when presented with new information.

I average a solid 78 coons per day on Twitter just for speaking my opinion in a way that holds everyone accountable for their own downfalls and preaching self-accountability. Apparently most black people can’t handle a black man who attributes his issues and failures to his own doing, and not some alleged system of “white supremacy” and “oppression”.

Amazingly most of the people who use those terms the most live in majority, if not all black areas. but “duh white man oppressin’ us!”

I tend to joke around and do a lot of satire on Twitter, I’ll admit, but when I’m serious I present my topics in a light that doesn’t shift all the blame to one party.

When it comes to slavery, an hourly topic that blacks inject into every conversation, they don’t like when I bring up that Arabs and Africans back then captured/owned/sold slaves too – they just want whites to be to blame for the entire thing.

When I bring up how everyone capes for Arabs even though there is a war going on there right now because they were oppressing the non-arab (mostly black) population in their country.

When I bring up how “white supremacy” has nothing to do with any type of laws that urban youth break (and I mean the ones that actually do, not the ones framed) because no one made them sell drugs, join a gang or buss a gun but themselves apparently I’m wrong. Apparently people can’t be expected to hold themselves accountable for their own actions these days. That’s the perks (& negatives) of living in a Victim Mentality.

If our ancestors were able to see the “Racism” and “Oppression” we claim to face that’s so terrifying today, they’d be disgusted. Black people used to have attack dogs sicced on them and be sprayed to the ground with hi-powered hoses just to protest for rights that we REALLY didn’t have, now we have opportunity and all of you are too busy complaining to go take any of it? Most of you are so entitled and such brats that you’re going to go through your entire life with your hand out, instead of taking those two hands and going and taking what you deserve.

I get called 78 coons daily because I believe in self accountability and holding yourself responsible for the direction of your life. The longer you live under the cloak of “I’m a victim of oppression” instead of getting up every morning and putting in the maximum effort to get what you want out of life, the longer you’ll be miserable, unhappy, and feel like a victim.

I get called 78 coons everyday and it doesn’t bother me. I present arguments and enter debates with logic and reason, and all I usually get in response is “You’re a coon/uncle tom” or “You’re Hotep, I’m not arguing with you”.

I laugh at it. I was never the type of person to let random people who I don’t knows’ opinions bother me, especially over the internet. I’m a troll so it’d be kind of hypocritical anyway.

So, how to be a coon?

Don’t blame white people & white supremacy for every little failure and mishap in your life.

Don’t blame white people that are alive today that were born after slavery for slavery you weren’t forced to participate in.

Be a Trump Supporter and be able to explain with logic and reason why you support him (and be sure to tell liberals how Mexican, Illegal Immigrant and Muslim aren’t races either!)

See through the facade that #BlackLiesMatter is.

Be able to have civil discourse with people of any race and not judge them based off of skin color or assumed “privilege/racism”.

Be able to live your life not blaming everyone else for the direction your life is going, and hold accountability in yourself for your own actions.

Last of all, don’t let it bother you.I wrote this post because I find it funny and I wanted to be able to make a joke of my haters when they do pull that word out of the hat. I see the world in the ideological lens of Realism that I have adapted and suited to my mindset. The Ideological lens is an important factor of everyone’s life – as it largely determines how you will see the entire world. More will be explained in a coming post.