The Year the World Died

It has been an interesting and yet, saddening year for most of us. The degeneracy that was seeming to come to a screeching halt at the middle of last year kicked started itself again at the end. Europe has anarchy and chaos happening in many of the various places that make up the continent. America is fighting back the scourge, but it seems as if they are gaining ground.

The entire world has been gripped by one emotion – fear, and I’ll explain that shortly. Fear is a primal emotion – it keeps people alive and is a natural sensor of risk, but in today’s society it has been exaggerated to the point where people fear the assumed much more than what’s real.

Fear has gripped the entire world and has almost everyone in its clenches. Only the youngest generation has enough ignorance to truly be blissful in the cruel world we live in today – a world many are afraid to live in.

Fear is the main drawback of today’s society. Fear is what has brought about the rise of mainstream feminism, of social justice warriors, of victimhood and oppression culture, it’s all fear. The ironic thing is, most of the groups gripped by fear are afraid of each other.

Feminists are afraid of men for “rape culture” and the wage gap, all the while exaggerating the issue. They think every man is out to rape and take advantage of them, not realizing rape is usually committed by mentally deficient men that you can’t fix with a pamphlet and a rape course.

#BlackLivesMatter is afraid of white people, all the while not realizing they are using the racial divide agenda just like their funding parties are trying to accomplish.

Victim Mentality sufferers don’t realize that their fear and paranoia against (usually assumed) racism of people that are “oppressing” (not worried about) them manifests itself and causes them to be racist themselves. Defensive racism is still not acceptable racism.

Honestly someone answer me this: Why do so many black people dislike white people because they have ancestors who have enslaved ancestors we’ve never met? Why are they to blame for crimes ancestors who lived in times very much different to ours now committed? (& while we’re at it let’s stop acting like only white people enslaved black people 🌚️).

Blacks are afraid of whites for the exaggerated issue of “white supremacy” that is mostly carried on by online shitposters and trolls that don’t act or feel that way in real life. They hate whites that exist today for slavery their ancestors committed against black ancestors that aren’t alive anymore. I don’t get it.

Whites are afraid of blacks for being labeled as racist and having their lives ruined. They even go to the point of suffering from white guilt and letting their emotions and sympathy turn them against their own race. That’s confusing to me too.

People are afraid of losing their jobs over tweets and opinions because it’s so easy for the AnimeAviArmy to find your personal info and dox you to the world.

SJW’s are afraid of everyone and back into corners and scream buzzwords to alert their peers whenever they’re challenged. It’s childish but sort of entertaining to watch.

The “racism” and oppression we claim to face today would make our ancestors laugh. They were beaten, killed and jailed for their views and rights, we’re just tweeted and yelled at.

Hell, we even have grown ass men so afraid of a Trump presidency that they’re starting groups and maintaining slander and hatred against his supporters just to stop him from reaching the White House.

The entire nation has been gripped by fear, and the world with it. Everyone is so afraid, so backed into a corner, so defensive that they’re on the offensive. The tensions are so high, the racial and gender divide is starting to become more and more apparent, and it’s starting to be done on purpose now.

People are afraid to express their opinions because censorship culture has made victimhood so valuable. A mixture of buzzwords will usually be soon to follow, and the message gets lost in the resulting argument and drama. People realize this, and are afraid. People are afraid to speak. People are afraid to be themselves. People try to “fit in” with the culture instead of refusing to allow themselves to be boxed in by the norms.

People need to create their own identities. Diversity goes way past skin color and ethnicity,  it’s the different type of people that make up the planet and the variety of beliefs that are debated and discussed daily. Censoring people’s beliefs (as long as they don’t go past moral breeches, which is another post/subject entirely) is something I don’t believe in. I campaign for people to have the right to discuss and debate the ideas they have freely as long as they don’t harm or suppress others. This is the right of the world.

Fear has gripped the world. 

People are afraid to speak, to act, to be themselves. The world is in a downward spiral of constant policing the actions of others – SJW’s don’t know how close they are to turning the U.S. into a representation of Animal Farm.

People need to stop being afraid, especially of things online. Too many live their lives on the internet, and they take it too seriously. They don’t know reality.

They don’t know how to break away and go out and enjoy the fresh air, how to clear their mind from the clutter they have from the bombardment of information from social media. The brain is slowly dying from being over capacity.

People need to take back control of their lives and not letting others tell then how to live and what to do. The world is yours, and you need to work hard to get what you deserve in life – but it’s all manageable. Would you rather work hard to make your world prosperous and plentiful, or do you want to watch it die?