Black Relations explained by Carter Woodson years before it came to fruition

Black Relations in 2016: The Plight of the Negro

This is something I’d usually cover in a blog post, but I got into a mini twitter rant earlier about black relations and the Plight we as a Black people face regarding our communities, and I felt like I needed to post it here so I can have a record of it.

This is one of my most profound threads on twitter I think. If you can take a few seconds to retweet your favorite parts while you read I’d be thankful.

And remember people, BlackLivesMatter’s purpose is to create racial divide. Become Hotep and focus on bettering yourself, and then uplifting your people – expand on the positive and don’t focus strictly on the negative.

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NOTE: When I say the word “faggot” above I mean the overly flamboyant gays who irritate and annoy me, I don’t mean it as a derogatory term for all gays but if you’re triggered by me saying the word…. well, I can’t help you. Take better control of your emotions.