Victim Mentality destruction

The Victim Mentality Podcast

This is one I’ve been teasing for a while. Today I bring you the victim mentality podcast, feeling entitled and inadequate, why people subscribe to the victim mentality and how to overcome feeling like the world owes you something.

I also talk about Realism, the mindset that many people find themselves falling victim to of not working hard in life because they feel like their efforts will amount to nothing. Be sure to Like, Leave a comment and Subscribe!


On Victim Mentality:

  • Like many of you, I’ve been a victim of poverty, “racial oppression” blah blah before – will you let it make you or break you?
  • Just because of your race doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead.
  • It’s a restricting mindset that disables you from getting ahead.
  • “Work twice as hard to get half as much as anyone else” – Not always accurate, but enables me to automatically work harder, smarter and better than others.
  • There are people out there in your same position, that came from your same upbringing, that were able to come to terms with it and overcome adversity. You can too.
  • Escape from the Captivity of Negativity.

How to Overcome It:

  • You are in the same position as many others in the world – there are some above you, some below you.
  • Whining about “life hates me, the world sucks” is part of a loser mindset.
  • Everybody wants to be somebody, but you never let others’ opinions diminish your self worth.
  • Realize that hard work and effort will beat feeling entitled and inadequate any day.

On tackling your days:

  • Every day is a continuance of the day before – you are not a reborn phoenix every time you wake up.
  • The world is cold, Realism is about realizing this and understanding it, and using it to combat the street fight life turns out to be.
  • Every day is a new day to accomplish your goals and feats – if you haven’t by the time you go to sleep, you are not necessarily a failure.

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