Be a Realist

How to be a Realist

I’ve said it before, the world is cold. Being a realist is one of the only ways to keep yourself from going crazy and ripping your hair out these days.

The quicker you realize you wont always get what you want, the quicker you will be happier throughout your day to day life.

The world is full of Idealists, but not the good type of Idealist that I’ve discussed before.

No, these are full grown adults that can’t imagine seeing the world as it really is and working to improve their own lives, so they’d rather see the world through some scope of how they’d like it to be.

That is what we call an Idealist.

People would rather spend time complaining about their ideal world for everyone instead of working to improve their own conditions.

Too many of you put more focus into “changing the world” than you do at changing your own life. How is that?

They want to live in their pseudo-realm of their ideal world that’s fair and just and true to them, they want to feel like they’re special to everyone else in the entire world.

In reality, many of you need to learn that, for the most part, nobody cares about you and your problems but you.

At home when you were a child you got a boo-boo and mommy would come put a band-aid on it, kiss it and make it all better.

Idealists still wish in their hearts everyday that their parents can come swoop in and save the day whenever something goes wrong.

They want their mommy to come make them their favorite meal and tell them it’ll be all better when someone hurts their feelings or disagrees with them.

This is the mindset of an Idealist.

In the real world as an adult, that doesn’t happen. People are filed with ulterior motives to their actions these days, and it gets harder to ascertain authenticity with each passing day.

The older you get, the less people you usually have genuinely interested in looking out for you –  so you gotta make sure you’re looking out for numero uno.

People are so full of themselves that they fall victim to special snowflake syndrome – they end up thinking that they deserve something more than the next guy, they feel entitled to things they didn’t work for.

You have grown adults and college kids these days requesting safe spaces and therapy groups for things like disagreements, differences of opinion, and openly supporting presidential candidates.

An Idealist can’t handle the world not going the way they want it to, everything needs to look like rainbows and cupcakes to them.

This is the mindset of the normal person these days, but the transition from Idealist to Realist is a transition that can save your life.


Realism is a way of thinking that takes how the world is in its current state, and accepts it as ever changing but unpredictable.

Realism is the realization that throughout your life, most people truly don’t care, but they’ll pretend like they do if they need something from you.

Realism is not the same as backing down and letting the world and people walk over you because “that’s just how it is”.

Realism is looking at the world as “X happened, but now I have to do Y to make up for it/get over it.”

A Realist realizes that there are aspects oft he world that you cannot change, sometimes you just have to accept things for how they are and work harder to make your position better.

Realists have had enough experience in the real world to know that there are some Laws of the Land that cannot be changed, there are Ways of the World that are everlasting.

Feminists are Idealists, they look at the world as “We want to cherry-pick areas for women to have Equality in, and not dabble in anything outside of our comfort zone”.

There are some women that accept that they will play a supporting role in their families, they know that it is not praised to be a cum dumpster for the sake of “sexual liberation,” they accept biological roles for how they are.

This is what we call a Realist.


A Realist will take accountability for their own actions, and use their failures as stepping stones for improvement.

An Idealist will take their failures and whine, complain, and argue to everyone they can find about how unfair life is and how much better they want to be treated.

An Idealist will want a hand out because they feel entitled.

A Realist will use their two hands and put the work in to earn what they want in life, because they realize no one cares enough to give it to them.


An Idealist looks at the world as:

“I didn’t get that promotion because the world hates me.”

“My life sucks so that explains perfectly why that girl wouldn’t talk to me.”

A Realist looks at the world as:

“I spent too much money this week because I don’t know how to budget, I’ll look into that when I have free time.”

“Instead of whining that God hates me because I got a random injury, let me use this new found free time to read some books or do some freelance work online.” 

An Idealist will find and and every excuse in the book to not take responsibility for their own actions.

An Idealist is any grown person who’s response to adversity is “My life sucks” or “The world has it out for me.”

A Realist will take the knowledge and experience he gained from failing, store it, and use it next time he needs to.

An Idealist will find a way to dislike and hate you for a difference of opinion.

A Realist realizes that the world is not a sweet place to live, but that you can get to the peak by putting in hard work and effort – by spending your time working, instead of complaining.


As some of you know, I recently spent 72 Hours in Prison from an old case from 2014 that I’m finally through with now that I’ve done that.

To most people, the prospect of spending 72 hours with inmates that are locked up for various reasons would be horrifying.

To a smaller group of people, the idea of it only being 72 hours as opposed to say, months or even years would warrant the thoughts of “get the fuck out of here nigga, 72 hours? That’s nothing!”

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, any time spent behind bars will change your perspective on life completely.

Not having the Control over your life to do anything but go to the bathroom when you want to is the most demoralizing experience you can put a man through.

Imagine a man working his whole life to better himself and then he makes a bad choice and finds himself behind bars, with guards breathing down his neck and the environment hostile.

It’s almost as if you can cut the tension in the air with a knife while you’re in there.

Many people, when faced with prospect of having to undergo imprisonment would whine, complain, do anything to avoid it.

Not me. I’m a Realist, and I came to terms with the fact that it would happen, that I would be required to do it, and that I can either make the most of it (Realism) or spend the time before, during and after being a whiny baby (Idealism).

Realism is a choice, a choice that I made in my life long ago when I realized that when you spend your life working instead of waiting, you will live much happier.

I made the choice and you can too.