Bravado mindset leads you here

Bravado Mission Statement

Life today is a game of mental chess, that all boils down to whether you can calculate and effectively carry out your moves, or make mistakes and end up failing.

Men are growing up lost in a cold world, without fathers or leaders to guide them on the right path – it’s not always so easy to stay on top of your game, nor on the right path when you’ve had to learn pretty much everything from trial and error.

The structure of Man-Woman-Child is dying in society today. We even have organizations like Black Lies Matter that state openly that their purpose is to disrupt the “Western prescribed nuclear family structure,” effectively stating they want my support because I’m black but they wont support my ultimate goal of having a family.

Too many people in life are getting used to be coddled and sheltered, they haven’t experienced the real world and as a result when faced with any type of opposition immediately retreat to a corner and play defense.

On the other hand, I see every day the kinds of things that I talk about overcoming on my blog exhibited both in real life and social media everyday.

People get upset and depressed over “cyberbullying”, people can’t share opinions and disagree without arguing, people are losing friends over celebrity and political drama in the year of 2016 and it’s disgraceful.

Life wasn’t so politically correct before.

This new wave of coddling and sheltering and refusal to accept that the real world is brutal and cold, it takes no prisoners and your feelings aren’t always going to be cared about, or even considered.

Sometimes you get what you deserve, but more often you have to go out and take it.

The world has never been cookies and rainbows, and unless you work hard and put in the effort to make enough money to achieve and maintain your happiness, you will find yourself in a never ending cycle of despair.

Friendships and relationships used to be strong enough where disagreements didn’t break them, it used to be safe to have an opinion about something and have a job at the same time – hell we even have businesses getting harassed for affiliating with presidential candidates.

The politically correct culture isn’t helping any matters, and I’m wholly against it.

The Bravado Mindset Personified

The way society is today, you’d think it’s a bad thing to be a strong, masculine man.

Femininity is being praised and inserted into different parts of men’s lives today, and the fact that there are already enough men who grew up without fathers to teach them how to be a man is bad enough.

You grow up to have sons who think wearing dresses is ok, you have emotional men who get upset at the smallest disturbance, and you basically have a bunch of overgrown children who wont survive in the real world.

The real world is tough, its brutal – things happen every day that can invoke a range of emotions in a man, but the question is how will you react to the matter?

Will you complain and sulk and “woe is me” until you realize you’re wasting your time, or do you get up, dust yourself off, and give life another go?

With all that being said, the mindset behind Bravado can be broken down into one sentence:

Life is about taking Control, establishing control, and making sure you maintain that control.