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The Glass House: How to break up a Happy Home

This is a video I recently did after being put on to the album Big Sean & Jhene Aiko album that was just released, because a part of the video montage they released for it really interested me. It was an interesting take on just what causes so many issues between couples today and I had to offer my commentary.

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#BlackLivesDontMatter Apparently – Part 2

Black Relations in 2016: The Plight of the Negro

This is something I’d usually cover in a blog post, but I got into a mini twitter rant earlier about black relations and the Plight we as a Black people face regarding our communities, and I felt like I needed to post it here so I can have a record of it.

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How to Deal with Real Life

Foreword by @AshPariseau.

She’s a dating and relationship blogger but she’s one of the few that I’ve seen that doesn’t just offer cookie cutter bullshit dating advice and generalize things for women. We’ve actually written some similar¬†posts¬†before, so it’s not surprising we collaborated. Check out her blog if you want to get a woman’s view on life and relationships that isn’t blindly guided by emotion.

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Kobe Bryant: Maintaining a Legacy

I don’t idolize people often, but when it comes to Kobe Bryant I can say without a doubt he’s one of them.

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Take CONTROL of your Emotions on April 15th!

Control emotions book

I’ve done a lot of discussion on many different topics on this blog so far. I’ve touched on Race, on Media Tensions, relationships with women and on how to Survive at life, on how to be Dominant and Ideally Narcissistic… but I haven’t offered an overly expansive and all-inclusive way of looking at just how to “Control your life” Like I preach so much about.

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Racial Divide & Black Victimhood

Damn, Booker T. Washington accurately predicted the rise of #BlackLivesMatter.https://t.co/tAmvIqcsit pic.twitter.com/M1NEpw1C58

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The Truth behind BlackLiesMatter – Black Supremacy

Early yesterday it started making rounds on Twitter that a BlackLiesMatter Toronto co-founder had tweeted this:

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The Victim Mentality Podcast

This is one I’ve been teasing for a while. Today I bring you the victim mentality podcast, feeling entitled and inadequate, why people subscribe to the victim mentality and how to overcome feeling like the world owes you something.

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How to be a Realist

I’ve said it before, the world is cold. Being a realist is one of the only ways to keep yourself from going crazy and ripping your hair out these days.

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