Establishing Control – An Essay (Excerpt from CONTROL Book)

Control and Power often go hand in hand in the sense that they are both about establishing Dominance and authority over something. Establishing control, is about using this control to effectively maintain confidence in yourself, while effectively securing your ever-improving self worth and sense of self value.

To have complete control over yourself – mind and body – is ideal.

To have the power to not let an onset of emotions and opinions thrown at you from the outside world make you stumble in your mission of success, nor will you falter in your journey of life is what some can only dream of.

The word Control usually has a negative connotation these days, it’s often associated with things like controlling and abusing people or being controlling about a possession, but what about control of yourself?

Control to the mind is what exercise is to the body.

It keeps you running, it is something you have to maintain and can keep strengthening.

Without the security in yourself as a person to live your life on your terms, how exactly do you go about life?

Conforming and adapting based on everything you hear and everything that’s said to you will lead you to a life of unknowing and uncertainty.

Many can’t control their mood shifts, their finances, their social skills, they spend too much time invested in wasteful activities, and a host of other issues that they face that they can’t seem to find out how to get over – even though they put in little effort.

How can you value yourself highly if you wake up every day near 1 PM, still broke, still struggling – still worrying about where your next couple of dollars is going to come from because you don’t get your paycheck until the end of the week and you have no sort of side income set up?

How can you go about life feeling good about yourself when you don’t like the person that you are when you look in the mirror?When you open your wallet? When you open your mouth to speak?

How do you really expect to get anywhere in life when you’ve rooted your thoughts in the depths of an impoverished perception – a mindset of “Oh well, this is the way life was destined to be for me and I can’t change it.

It wasn’t meant for me to start my own business, it wasn’t meant for me to become a Chairman or CEO, it wasn’t meant for me to get multiple promotions, raises and increased influence in a short amount of time from working harder, and more importantly smarter, than my peers and colleagues.

I don’t know how to do the smart thing about it and look it up, gain the knowledge and get to work – i’d rather spend all day watching the newest show on netflix and using social media on my phone.”

You have to break yourself free from the chains of the norm of today’s pervasive mindset, you must break free from the status that the upper class of the world has you conned into believing that you will stay in.

You ask yourself all the time “Why do they have all that money, why are they so happy and healthy, why do they have such an amazing woman and I’m stuck with dumbo the flying elephant over in the next room?”

Simple – they worked harder, smarter and better for it.

This is a concept a lot of people don’t completely understand, no matter how hard you work, if you are not working smarter at the same time, you will fall in the end to a competitor with a better thought process and better execution than you.

I liken this analogy to the folklore legend of John Henry – and if you are not aware of who he is, to make a long story short he was a steel driver who was said to have opted to participate in a race to clear through a wall of rock against a steam powered hammer, which was a machine threatening to take many human jobs at the tunnel he worked at.

Henry was subsequently able to win the race through his desire, will and drive, however concluding the race he fell ill and died shortly after. Such is the point of my analogy – John worked harder, he was more focused, he was more determined that the steam power hammer, that was not his problem in the slightest.

His problem, was that for as hard as he worked, his own pride would do him in in the end and it clouded his better judgement, his own intelligent thinking could have led to co-operation, instead it lead to his tragic fate.  

This better and clearer judgement is what you must not let fall by the wayside in exchange for having too much pride or being stuck in the “Identity Prisoner” mindset, and so adapted to being the same person and not changing, never being dynamic and never seeing any type of change in your life.

To control your life, you must be better than your former self, you must deny all of your former notions of how the world and how you yourself function, and develop and adapt new strategies and mindset, better ways to control your mood and your physique, better and smarter ideas and more stabilized finances rooted in a higher class and more sophisticated way of living.

You must make a conscious effort to effectively improve and affect your life from the moment you wake up in the morning, only by doing this will it develop into a routine, and from that routine builds habit and discipline.

Control starts with a Mind – Body connection – only when you control your thoughts and do not let outside interactions and emotions take control of and steer your thoughts and how you feel about yourself, will you naturally show off this new found sense of confidence and sense of self worth in yourself.

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