Don’t Be A McDonald’s Guy

“Be Productive, but Efficient”

It was 7th grade, the words were spoken from my at-the-time wrestling coach, in a time where I was going through a rough situation in life.

Wrestling was never a thing I really liked, however there were two main reasons for my involvement:

  1. Herd Mentality, I wanted to feel cool and fit in (most teens do).
  2. The fact that I was barely doing anything else w/ my life at the time.

I was coming off of a very shitty season (I only amassed one win, and even that one I barely managed) and with the rest of us at my school not doing so hot, our season was officially over.

I hate that I can’t remember his name, as the fact that one of the men who has had one of the most profound impacts on my life is nothing but a distant face to me is sad honestly. But nonetheless, me and him became close over the course of the season, I was one of those kids who dealt with normal growing up shit like bullies and harassment, and back then it really used to bother me, which probably contributed to me joining the wrestling team.

Coach was sort of a father figure to me back then, and after the season we got to talking about what I was going to do now that that was over, how I was going to spend my days now that I didn’t have practices and scrimmages to go to.

He liked to think of all of us both on the team, and in his class (he taught a computers class also) like sons to him, he had a young child but I feel like he was eager to hop into the role of raising his child to be a man, and less into the raising a baby to be a child.

After a disappointing season (and the more disappointing fact that I had to go back to being home all the time), I was talking about this to him and he said three sentences that, although I never will forget, I wish I had applied more to my life:

“Son, if it’s one thing that I hope to have taught you from wrestling, it’s that sitting around and hoping and wishing upon a star ain’t gonna cut it, you gotta put in action to get work done. You may not know exactly what you wanna do now, but when you figure it out: Be Productive, but efficient. Don’t spend a bunch of time doing nothing.”

I never realized it at the time being lost in a sea of video and computer games, but growing up I now see just how valuable this advice was, and how much it would have brought to my life.

I only hope that one day circumstances that allow me to remember and meet Coach again will occur, I’ve looked on the school website (and it’s been years so I’m not surprised he’s not there anymore) and everywhere, but I’ve had no luck.

What does this have to do with you?

You all are reading these sites, and seeing this advice about being productive and doing a bunch of shit that amounts to nothing.

This will get you nowhere.

You need to be productive, you need to be always improving, working, building, developing – that is how you grow as a man.

You will never get ahead in life being stagnant, you need to be always building to keep the momentum in your life going, once you slow down physically, it will occur mentally and you will lose the precious control over your body and life you once had.

Even if it is a gradual process that leads up to the big events and goals in your life – never falter. There are those that will try to knock you for your success, that will try to drag you to the same low level that they are stuck at, the rut they’ve been trying to escape their whole entire lives.

You remember the story as old as your grandparents about the tortoise and the hare, how the hare taunted the tortoise and was so cocky, he ended up losing his momentum and falling asleep.

Meanwhile, the turtle never stopped working, never stopped moving, and was eventually able to win the race?

Yea, I’m sure you see which one was the idiot there. You don’t want to be that type of idiot do you? The one who’s so cocky and thinks they know everything, and then ends up losing to a much more focused and driven opponent? 

Of course not. One of the things about being smart is to always be doing something, but always be aware of what you are doing.

Here’s an example of Productivity vs Efficiency

Productive Guy #1

Enters 12th grade, gets a job at McDonald’s halfway through the year. While balancing 8 hours school days with 6 hours workdays, he somehow slaves away enough money to support his way through his first year of college.

Enters college, by the 2nd year he has to take out student loans to support his tuition because his new campus job gives him 8 hours a week paying $7.25. Guy leaves college in 4 1/2 years with 24K debt, including interest. but leaves with a shiny new Business management degree.

Instantly starts applying for sales and manager positions but realizes that a signed piece of paper from Bum-Fuck College wont guarantee him a job as they value skills and application, goes back to McDonald’s and slaves away enough to finally earn enough to pay 2 months rent, moves out of his parent’s basement and into his new shitty apartment.

Gets fired from McDonald’s for a bullshit reason. Can’t get the money to pay next months rent, so he goes home one day and sees an eviction notice on his front door. He slowly gets into his car, drives to the nearest bridge and drives it headfirst into the nearest body of water.


Efficient Guy #2

Enters 12th grade, knows what he wants to do already and how he wants to achieve it (hedge fund). Has already spent most of 11th learning all he can about stocks and saving up, 12th comes and he finally turns old enough to invest in stocks and gets to work.

Starts with a $400 portfolio that he soon turns into 4K, then 6K all through good investments. The whole while he is applying to and cold-calling his top two hedge fund choices, trying his hardest to get even an internship. He knows the value of hard work, and what it means to other people. He knows college is a waste of time for his career choice and the time he spends there he can spend working and building.

The day comes that he finally gets a call back from his #1 choice, they want an interview. Goes and crushes the interview, they are very impressed with what he’s done with raising his own stocks, he gets interview.

Forgoes college as the opportunity to realize his aspirations are in the palm of his hand, puts all his time and effort into his work and finally gets hired around the time guy 1 is halfway through his 2nd semester of college.

By the time Guy 1 graduates, Guy #2 has already built himself an impressive portfolio worth 500K+, while still maintaining his job at the Hedge Fund and being successful.

Guy #2 has multiple women, a loft that is fit for a king, 2 cars and is earning way more each year than all of his expenses combined, especially because he spends most of his money making money. He put all his time into acquiring his target and the path it would take to get there, and he did it a smarter way.

Now, which guy would you rather be?

You see now the difference between Productivity and Efficiency?

Let me put it in basketball terms that are easy to understand.

Productivity is shooting 36 shots and hitting 12 of them for 26 points.

Efficiency is shooting 46 shots and hitting 28 of them for 81 points.

Make sure when you’re developing that you have a clear purpose in mind, that you don’t deviate from.

Make sure you’re working hard, but you’re working smart too – don’t do a bunch of nothing, that will land you nowhere.

Make sure with the knowledge that you’re learning, and the progress and development you’re visualizing, that you’re taking real life applicational steps to incorporate these qualities into your life.

Want to learn Game? You need to go talk to women, but know your intentions beforehand – are you looking to develop your social skills? Abundance Mentality? Approach Anxiety? Outcome Independence? The more you have your target in focus, the easier it’ll be to hit them.

Want to earn more money? Start spending the money you do have on items/experiences/services that enable you to make more money, or make your money back(+) for your investment. Learn Passive Income.

Want to achieve self improvement? While a multi-faceted concept, whatever the case may be – pick your focus and work on that goal, make it your mission, traverse any obstacle in your way until you’re

Whatever your plans are, remember to have a target in mind and aim for the red dot – precision is the key to accomplishing your tasks.

But always be working, developing, improving – always seek to better yourself, constant self improvement will lead you to the lifestyle that Guy #2 had above.

Want to know why he fared better than #1?

He took Control of his life from the beginning, and rode the pathway to success.

He didn’t get stuck working at Mcdonalds his whole life, and the added money, time that he can relax and security in his life will benefit him greatly.