Man of Strength

Why a Man Should Never Back Down

The world is very volatile and fragile now, and in the realm of a woman it’s even that much more fragile. It’s like if you’re a man, you’re walking on thin ice with every step you take, every move you make. Being a man is like walking on thin ice.

As a man, the matriarchy will try to tell you that it’s wrong to be a strong, masculine man. They want their cookie cutter perfect romance movie men, they will tell you that they want a man who provides for them, loves them, cherishes them and all this other bullshit… but isn’t this usually the beginning to an infidelity story you’d see on r/relationships? 

No, the real men who get ahead these days are the ones who are able to combine Intellect, Social Skills and Charisma, and a “Take-no-shit” attitude that will enable them to either intelligently shut down or negate all destructive criticism that the man encounters in all walks of life.

Disagree with a woman’s opinion on twitter, and you’re all of a sudden an ugly misogynistic pig who hates his mother yet lives in their basement, and this is before the White Knight Army comes running in to provide support for their internet cult leader.

Disagree with a weak, fragile minded man and he’ll likely call you a misogynist, racist, homophobic or one off of the list of SJW buzzwords that they use as a dog whistle to summon the legions of internet crybabies that will soon infest your mentions.

All of this happens to men on a daily basis, men with voices, men who are powerful, men who are seeking to make a change in the world and improve the lives of others.

But as a strong willed, mentally competent and stable man with ideals and morals – you can never let the internet, nor these SJW’s make you back down from sticking to your own ideals, from living your morals, from being the man that you are, and not the effeminate man society wants you to be.

Today’s society has men (and women) afraid to voice their own opinions because of fear of censorship. Twitter has begun censoring, suspending and shadowbanning users for pushing views that don’t necessarily line up with their own, and this is just one company, but even this situation has prompted outrage and controversy, to the point where it’s kickstarted (pun intended) into action a movie dedicated to exposing the truth about censorship and its opposition of free speech.

Look at the support for Mike’s movie a few days after the kickstarter was started. Seeing that someone actually put $5K of their hard earned money into the project just shows how strongly the support about the movie is growing, and how strongly the people believe in it.

But how does that apply to the common man? It’s all a lesson.

The world, the media, the matriarchy, hell even certain plants in the “patriarchy” are all designed for, promoting and grouped together to do one thing: Continue the effeminization of the American Male.

They want you to be the “nice guy who respects and cherishes wymyn everywhere” only to grow up 40 years old still touching yourself because no woman will, they want you to be afraid to voice your opinions, they want you to be scared to say anything that you feel is right, true and fair without them regulating and censoring it if it goes against their goals.

Look at Twitter.

Look at how people react to you when you voice your opinions.

Don’t let criticism from those that have no bearing on your life make you back down from your views. There are many people on this earth, but out of all of them no one on earth matters more to you than you.

YOU were born alone, YOU will die alone, YOU will spend more time with YOURSELF than you will around any other people. So stop worrying so much what they think, and don’t let them break your will or character.

Reading, this, don’t confuse this with notions such as “not being able to receive criticism”. A man is always willing to accept and admit when he was wrong, and if you are legitimately wrong then you should own up to it. If you can’t do so, nor accept and tolerate criticism, there are some underlying factors that you need to get checked out.

But, if you are viewed as wrong just because you have a different viewpoint or position than them, don’t let harassment lead you to conform to the standards placed on you by the world.


I am a strong willed man.

When you look at my site, you see the “professional side” of me. Unlock Your Bravado is a platform, I have a voice, and with the combination of such I will spread and shout my message to all 4 corners of the earth, I will make it my mission to change, impact and improve as many lives as I can.

When you look at my twitter, you see the more brash, combative, ruthless nature of my character.


Because I take no shit, I will not let someone attack or criticize me without standing up for myself, for my ideals and for what I believe in.

You want to know what I won’t do?

I won’t go back on my ideals. I won’t let the matriarchy or anything of the sort tell me that I’M wrong for my OPINION, who are you to tell me that the conclusion I came to in my head based off of life experiences and the things I’ve lived is wrong, because you came up differently?

Fact is different, I am a man and I’ve stated before I will accept responsibility for any wrongdoing or wrong statements that I have made. Part of being a man is owning up to your faults, and not being able to admit when you are wrong.

But the keyword here? WRONG. Which is what many of you aren’t when you let things like words over the internet and offensive language upset you.

I, for one, have never let comments over the internet affect me in any way, shape or form. I grew up in Philly, the culture and upbringing of men raised here promotes criticism and banter of other men (essentially called “grinding someone up”, although I hate the word) as a means to promote internal and mental strength, and to increase and strengthen the bonds that men/friends have.

I’ve been called every name in the book, we’ve been in fights, arguments have been had where every low blow you can use was thrown out in an attempt to silence the other person… and in the end, it made us all stronger, more secure and dominant men, it made us better friends, and people at the end.

Because if you can’t take criticism and opposition without breaking down and being fragile about it, are you really masculine?

Are you a man, or a male?Man or Male?


If you can go toe-to-toe with your actual friends, disagree, argue and still be able to move post it and it not affect or “hurt” you, then meaningless internet words from some random person that you will most likely never meet should never affect you.

After all, are you really friends if you can’t take shots at each other all the time and can’t do it without someone being offended?

How much of a man are you really if you can’t take criticism or controversy, if you can’t fight through a bit of adversity to get to your ultimate goal?

How masculine are you if you simply let disagreement and opposition to your IDEALS, your MORALS, these being your OWN PERSONAL VIEWS make you back down from your position?

I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it – the attempts to silence Dominant, Masculine men in society today.

They don’t want men telling you to raise your sons to be strong, masculine, dominant and confident men. Want to know why?

Those types of men are usually the ones who are mission and goal oriented, who put their lives and their needs before the needs of their woman, friends, or anyone else… and this is a threat to the matriarchy.

The land-whale feminist majority knows that these are the type of men who will forever be out of their grasp, these men are too focused on money, on expansion of business and assets, of achieving Mastery over their lives to put their lives and focus on a woman and her needs (which is what the matriarchy wants).


They will attempt to label you as the whole book of SJW buzzwords, attempt to ruin your lives and end you providing for your family by attacking your job and the people you know. They will attempt to ruin your life, all over a few words said over the internet.

Remember, Offense is Taken, not Given.

If you are a strong man, with a voice, a platform, a message for the world to hear – they will attempt to Silence you.

They attempted it with Roosh, they did it to Tim Hunt, they attempt to do it to Milo everyday… but the true question is, will you let them break you?

Will you let the SJW cries of “OH that’s racist/misogynistic/homophobic!” stop you from delivering your message of righteousness to the people, just because a few idiots who feel “offended” by what you say try to silence you?

Because they couldn’t handle the truth, they experienced opposition to their ideology and morals, and so now they’re attempting to discredit and attack yours?

Will you let the rampant censorship and opposition of free speech, or YOUR right to stick to YOUR ideals, YOUR morals, YOUR view of the world and it’s components?

Because if so, you’re letting them take CONTROL over you – and that’s a recipe for absolute disaster as a man.