Identity Captive

Prisoner of Your Own Identity

“We are captives of our own identities, living in a Prison of our own creation”

If you’re not all too familiar with the Prison break series, T-Bag was a character that was…. very eccentric to say the least.

But I do have to say, besides Michael I feel like he’s the smartest person on the show, the numerous situations he’s found a way to get out of and the ways he do it have led me to this conclusion.

But this isn’t about the show.


The “Prisoner of Identity” crisis is something that hasn’t been scientifically studied yet, but it is a real problem affecting people.

People are so caught up in the routines and habits they’ve developed in life, they don’t know how to defer from the set path.

You’re a horse in front of the carriage, life is holding your reins and smacking you with them every fe minutes.

You’re such a captive of your identity that you’re afraid of change.

You’re afraid to adapt and reinvent yourself, you’re all too content with living in your bubble of safety.

You don’t know what it feels like to build, to grow, to step outside of your comfort zone.

You’ve never spent a day, hell even an hour trying new things, exploring new possibilities and realms, discovering new things about yourself you weren’t aware of.


Because you’re fine and comfortable in your little bubble you’ve placed between you and the entire world whenever you step outside.

This bubble is very dangerous, however you LIVE in it. It is your home.

You have become a Prisoner of your own Identity, destined to never seek or make change and improvement in your life.


People are too afraid to grow and change and improve nowadays, they don’t view the effort expended as necessary or beneficial in the long run – they are scared.

Why are you afraid to improve yourself?

Why are you afraid to do better?

It’s because your brain is hardwired into being locked into a prison of comfortability, you do not have the edge, the desire, the will to explore, to try new things, to learn more about yourself and your character.

You’re content with walking around the world in your little hamster bubble.

Never changing.

Never evolving.

Never adapting.

Always the same, from the time you wake up to the moment you go to sleep.


You must cease your fears of change and what is new to you.

If you look at is as swimming into an ocean full of sharks and piranhas, you’ll miss the beautiful coral reefs that surround the borders.

We are all Prisoners of our Own Identities.

We are all Captives of our past.

We become so locked into who we are, so concrete to the idea of staying true to our ideals and never changing, that we don’t afford ourselves the ability to grow.

To evolve.

To adapt.

You must reject these notions, every day affords you a chance to improve yourself, your life, to make life work out for the better for you.

It may be through a reinvention of wardrobe, style, social qualities or other aspects – whatever the case may be, we must all attempt a Prison Break of epic proportions if we are to truly maintain evolution and adaptation in life.

You cannot live every day being the person you were the day before.

You must afford yourself the efforts to constantly improve yourself, in all of the various facets of life, you must become a Master.

The question is, do you escape this prison, grab hold and grasp the reins of your life?