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Month: February 2016

Don’t Be A McDonald’s Guy

“Be Productive, but Efficient”

It was 7th grade, the words were spoken from my at-the-time wrestling coach, in a time where I was going through a rough situation in life.

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Why Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

You’ll find a lot of negative quotes and connotations about money on the internet, and from people in society in general these days.

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Why a Man Should Never Back Down

The world is very volatile and fragile now, and in the realm of a woman it’s even that much more fragile. It’s like if you’re a man, you’re walking on thin ice with every step you take, every move you make.¬†Being a man is like walking on thin ice.

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The Power of Anticipation

Anticipation, a very basic concept at its core, but complex in its facets.

To anticipate, is to “regard as probable; expect or predict,” so basically a prediction or an educated guess.

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Prisoner of Your Own Identity

“We are captives of our own identities, living in a Prison of our own creation”

If you’re not all too familiar with the Prison break series, T-Bag was a character that was…. very eccentric to say the least.

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Stop Announcing, Start Doing: Goals and Plans

Planning and executing important plans is an important aspect of life. it wont always be spontaneous, and planning ensures that you will have a set and familiar way to execute your ideals, especially if you have a slew of backup plans at the ready.

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Roosh V and the World’s Rape Culture

The entire world watched in awe as a man’s entire life and name was throw into infamy by the feminist agenda. In a matter of days, Roosh V was shunned by entire governments, organizations and group.

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Lord vs Clementine Ford: An L for Feminism

So if you follow me on twitter and saw my Clementine Ford tweets, you probably noticed the firestorm yesterday that was my mentions/feed after this:

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Stop Investing in People: Your World Revolves around You

Think about the people you know for a second.

Right now, as you live and breathe on this earth, how many people do you know you can truly count on, that would stick by you no matter what happened in your life, or theirs?

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