PUA Game doesn't always work

Not All Women Are The Same – Why PUA Game doesn’t always work

Seduction and PUA Game Communities are something that while I won’t necessarily say are bad or an evil or anything like that, I find they are often either scams or largely (usually intentionally) misinformational.


Most pick up artist or dating sites promise you one thing.


Except there’s one thing they’re leaving out that you’re not even thinking about….

They have no idea who “her” is.

Wanna know why the strategies these guys charge you so much money for them to show you to “change your life” and “have you fucking 9’s and 10’s INSTANTLY” work so well for them? Well other than the fact that for most of them, the veil of online business protects them from either having to prove/show their claims or respond to any detractors – they usually only come at the same types of women.

These are the types of women that they tailor their game and techniques to, and these are the ones that is is mostly likely that you will end up hooking up with off of said game – if it works that is.

That’s right, if you ever find any of these pick up artists that have a plethora of photos of themselves with women, you’ll notice they’re all of the same type or variety. Not only that, most of them purport to being able to pull any normal woman off the street – but few have any proof or evidence of them doing so.

To date, the only one I’ve seen so far would happen to be Chris at Good Looking Loser, and as such I have to give him his props. Not only that, but he’s one of the few that I’ve seen that has made an article exposing some of the scams of the PUA world.

Fact of the matter is, especially with the emergence of socia media females are turning into a more emotional and feeling based generation. It’s one of the reasons feminists are seeming to be in such abundance and appealing to more and more – women, especially millennials, are less used to using logic and reasoning when determining and deciding things, especially when it comes to relations and men.

They are more concerned with their feelings/emotions/reputation and how you will end up treating them than the interaction between you two, and this is most likely mainly one of the large reasons most PUA sites will tell you to basically treat women like an asshole – as not entering the situation with any feeling keeps them from being involved in the situation.


Another important factor about women that’s rarely taken into consideration – women have vastly different wants at different points in their life. PUA’s will purport their tricks to work on anyone, but do you think a 38 year old recently widowed cougar, a 27 year old successful entrepreneur or a stubborn 30 year old who was raised by the men in her family, would have the same mindset or look for the same mindset or type of man as an 18 year old college girl at a party?


The cougar is looking for companionship, a presence, someone to help mend the scar left by her dead husband.
The entrepreneur is looking for someone to compliment her both financially and intellectually – she wants someone to give her a reason to fall for them besides money, power, fame or success
The 30 year old likely will be immune to any pick up line or tactics a PUA would try, as being raised in her environment she’s been warned of and raised against said tactics.
The 18 year old just wants dick.

Now PUA Game would result in them trying to exploit you, give the same situation and some bullshit line after about how you can “bend each to your will”you can’t.

You can try, and depending on who you are and who the person is it may be possible, but the chances of such are far and few between.

So this is a message to all my viewers: Do not waste your time, money and effort on seduction course workshops and those promising to teach you how to make any girl into your own personal sex toy and aphrodisiac – the fact of the matter is no one can show you how to get ANY girl, they’re just snake oil salesman and can’t teach you a think about confidence, self worth or self valuation.

They can show you how to make yourself appealing to most women, and that’s only half the battle, but Game with women is both a mental and physical thing, both of which you must have experience, cunning, ruthlessness and above all an Abundance Mentality to really find success in the field.

One way that it is easier to talk to, be around and deal with women is if you understand How to be Dominant, but not Controlling towards them. They will love you, and be after you for as long as you can string her along.