The Trump Card

The Trump Card

And our new President, of the United States of America…… DONALD…. TRUMP!!!!!

EDIT/DISCLAIMER: In the oiginal posting of this, i was admantly against Trump becoming President, and only viewed him as a lesser of the evils currently running. However, his campaign and the mindset of both him and his supporters has made me a believer, but I will leave the original comments in for satire and irony. I will be writing an updated post soon explaining my current thoughts on Trump. #TRUMP2016

No no, before you get the wrong idea let me set the record straight, I do NOT endorse Trump for President. While I do think there would be some very positive benefits to him being in office, and while I do agree that he is most likely the best candidate in the race right now, the lesser of two (or in this case, 17) evils is still evil.

I’m dreading the day next November that I have to hear the words I quoted above playing from my TV. My bags will be packed and my ticket to Dubai stamped the very next day…

All jokes aside, this isn’t a Trump bashing post of anything of the sort though, it’s actually quite the opposite. If there’s one thing that The Trump’s Mindset and my own mindset share, it’s that it’s all characterized by knowing in your head that you ARE and winner and you WILL succeed.

Most “self help” sites will try to preach this to you, as it’s basic knowledge, if you believe you will win, that you will succeed, that you are the man and you can get any girl you want and all that other shit, and to a degree they’re right.

Psyching yourself into believing things can be helpful and can work, however what they don’t tell you is you have to couple this with real life experiences in order to really learn and grow.

Wanna know why Trump is currently leading the polls 34% with the closest runner up only getting 18% of the vote? Look no further, I’ll explain some of the key characteristics of his mindset and campaign below:

Boldness and Determination:

Both of which have been a staple of his character since his days on The Apprentice, Trump has always been the type of person to say what he means, mean what he says, and not apologize for it.

Bravado literally means boldness in it’s definition, and Trump exemplifies this every time he hits the stage whether it’s a speech or on TV for a debate.

Not only that, but his determination is also shown partly in his involvement in the Presidential Race.

Never has one of such little of a career or involvement in politics been able to boldly and randomly declare their intentions to run for President and not only do so, but be leading the polls and be projected most likely to actually come out on top.

Trump’s hard hitting, no apologies attitude has already got him in hot water, and I expect it to continue as he truly gives no fucks.


Donald Trump has 5.3 Million Followers on twitter. He literally has no need for the media or any major news outlets, after all, he has a larger twitter following that all of them but FOX news (how ironic is that?) and anytime he needs a message to get sent to the country, it will.

The odds are that even if you don’t follow Trump, 9 times out of 10 you will see his tweets either due to one of your friends being a supporter of him and retweeting, or against him and tweeting about or to him.

They both work in the same way, as the saying goes “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” and Trump has taken this and ran with it.

I honestly feel like a lot of times Trump says things he doesn’t really intend to exactly carry through in order to bait the media to giving him more coverage.

They usually fall for the trap anyway, as I don’t follow Trump on twitter and another 9 times out of 10 any Trump info I see on my timeline involves him being reported on by the news. Trump obviously knows how this works, and is well versed in using it to his advantage.


The Trump has a net worth of 4.5 Billion. He doesn’t need the help of SuperPACs or anything of the sort to fund his campaign, and that’s where he gets another advantage.

By not having to answer to anyone else’s views of cater to their demands to receive funding, he leaves himself able to still be able to say whatever he wants without facing repercussions like a union of people financing his campaign cutting off his backing.

This enables him to truly have independence in his campaign and make it exclusively his with his views and his vision.


Trump’s the type of person to lock on to a goal and not let go until he’s fully completed it. Trump’s the type where once he gets an idea and direction in his mind, he goes full force ahead with pure Bravado and vigor, he has the energy of one half his age (I honestly didn’t know he was 69 until recently), as I will say he is a great public speaker.

After the numerous Public Speaking classes I was forced to take in college, he has some of the telltale traits of a great persuasive speaker. He’s enthusiastic, he’s descriptive and vivid yet specific in his meanings, and most of all he does an amazing job at making you believe that he REALLY believes what is it that he’s telling you.

Trump has this race in the bag honestly, unless one of the other candidates can somehow rally together the millennials, easily offended and those just against trump, they may be able to give him a challenge. But as of right now, I see this race going in the direction of Trump for President 2016. That Dubai trip is still a serious consideration…