The Lust Ladder

The Lust Ladder

First and foremost, I’d like to start this off by saying I’m not as much an asshole as this post will make me seem like ok maybe I am, there’s no point in not being real. Lust is an important and existent factor of many relationships today, before “Love” even comes into the picture.

Lust is the extreme desire between two people to express their affections towards each other in the most pleasuring of ways. Lust is so popular that these days you can even go online and watch two people lust over each other, in high definition, at home and out and about.

Lust is a concept that many people know of, many hear of, but few truly understand.

Lust is what drives two people to have crazy, passionate and amazing sex, but Lust can also be be dangerous to the mental state of a person.

When I first heard the term “plate” I took a liking to it, partly because part of my daily vocabulary included the term “spinning” as it sort of means the same thing in Philadelphia slang. It was a phase I was/am still in the process of, as I view Long Term Relationships as pointless and boring unless I come across a very rarely found unicorn (and do you see how unlikely and impossible any of those are?), which, contrary to red pill teaching and popular belief, I will invest my time in as I see it beneficial in the long run.

However, those in the world are few and far between, and my qualifications for such seem to increase as the times go by. But besides that holy grail, there are 3 prime categories I put women in upon first meeting them/getting to know them. I now present to you:


Friend: Often akin to what you would call a best friend (although I don’t say it), these are the ones you actually find me keeping in close contact with. They may have the potential to “throw you the oop” (help you fuck) with a friend or 2, they most likely are fun to go out with or know how to get you into places you normally couldn’t, and either A) Don’t have a high enough Sexual Value or Attractive Factor to warrant being a plate or B) Have a high enough level of attachment to warrant constant contact besides just being a plate.

Acquaintance: The random women you meet in life you are uninterested in/the women who “attempt” to friend zone you. I say attempt because it’s not Beta or anything like that to not keep around a woman you didn’t see as more than a plate, especially if she see’s you as an Orbiter, it’s really a matter of how you do it so as to avoid being hit with an Oscar Award Winning Victim (which is a whole other post entirely), they’re great for ruining reputation.

You really don’t attempt to maintain any type of contact or relations with them. If they try – run, very far away. They are obviously just trying to use you for something, and they will waste your time, without a doubt. 

Plate: First off, there are two sub-levels to being a plate in my mind – that is, Styrofoam and Fine China. One deals with lust and mostly sex, the other goes deeper than that on a level of comfort and emotion that cannot be achieved with a one night stand with a random girl from the club.

They are two levels that fall under the same category, however their treatment depends on which ladder of the rung they are on.

Styrofoam starts off at the “talking” stage, the lust is there, the sex wild and passionate…. but that’s just it, past the sex there is nothing there. No spark, no real sense of attraction, no longing to be with the person nor affection. This is what some might call a “fuckbuddy”, no attachment or relationship value here yet.

Fine China gets past the talking stage and gets treatment akin to a girlfriend, but (and until you see me blog otherwise) she will know and understand that there must be time and effort put in before I make anything exclusive.

Time and effort in a physical sense, I am a grown man and even though I am young (and still unfortunately grouped with the millennials) I cannot be swayed or wooed by a copious amount of texting and phone conversation.

Now, if she decides to go do her own thing while we are in said “talking stage” and have sex with other men, she is immediately regarded as Styrofoam and has very little, if any chance of moving back up.

It may sound hypocritical, but no woman wants a man who will let them fuck other men and still want to be comforting and affectionate towards them. There are a few select who do, and I think there may be a problem there.

When she’s a plate, she has to understand (due to my natural dominant nature) that I’M her daddy now, and that by releasing herself to me, I can fulfill the orgasmic pleasures of her wildest desires.

Many women wont openly admit it, but they want nothing more than a strong, masculine man to make them submit and give them the pleasure they really need.

Now remember this when I say it, read it more than once, and make sure you fully understand this when I say it:

“She’s not A whore, she’s YOUR whore.”

That’s right, a big part of female society was shown to reveal a key characteristic in their response to 50 Shades of Greythey want to be dominatedAs long as she doesn’t feel like you actually don’t respect or value her (which you may or may not, I wont tell you whether to or not but I will tell you they will be able to tell), turning her into your whore into the bedroom (or wherever you choose to do it, spontaneity can be fun) won’t be an easy task. It’s something I’ll cover more in the Game section, but I look at game as more of an analytical/approach type of concept, and not manipulation as others may use it.

Now these aren’t always concrete for each women, I’ve had women flip flop around from every category to the other, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that this will happen.

When it does, it’s not advised to immediately make a shift in the way you treat her unless it is initiated. Gradual shift of momentum will eventually lead you to the promised land.

I will go more in depth on how to effectively deal with each category as to get maximum pleasure and minimum irritation, and most importantly keep her around and maintain a successful relationship(s) that are happy and more importantly, beneficial to both sides.

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These are the ways that I automatically view women based on their introduction and involvement in my life, but I know this is most likely a unique point of view. What are your views on the matter? Leave a comment below and give some insight into the ways you identify the women in your life.