Bravado vs red pill

Red Pill Application in Bravado Thinking

If you are familiar with reddit and The Red Pill, then you know what this consists of. The Red Pill relates to acknowledging reality and how the world really is, as opposed to being stuck in your own little bubble (Blue Pill), but Bravado draws similarities to the Red Pill while also being very different.

There are a lot of thoughts and frames that come directly from my learnings in the Red Pill world, however I cannot identify myself as strictly “Red Pill” due to some of the mindsets many of them share that I don’t.

If not, I’ll attempt to break it down for you really quickly to spare you some time (mind you, these are my own words and observations, and may or may not represent the views of the community as a whole):

Red Pill is a way of thinking and dealing with a variety of situations, most commonly attributed to women and finances. Some of the prime characteristics of a red pill mindset include: Recognizing most women as manipulative and either wanting to fuck you or use you for something, being able to recognize and characterize other people as “Alpha” or “Beta”, being against the idea of feminism (or at least being aware of how destructive it can be), self improvement and the many various facets of it, “game” with women or in social/sales situations, etc..

Now there is an official definition for what Red Pill is that can be found in their glossary of terms here, however their definition is sort of vocab heavy and does a good job at leaving the reader confused.

Now one thing I will say is a big similarity between a Red Pill way of thinking and my own mindset/brand of thinking (following heavily under the definition of Bravado) is the idea that from the moment they meet you, women already have you sorted into one of two categories in their head: Alpha Fuck or Beta Bucks (definitions for both can be found on TRP Reddit Glossary).

Most men don’t realize this until about their late middle school/early high school years, as this is around when females first start developing the very tools that they have at their disposal to use in manipulation.

This is when they first start realizing that Pussy is Power…. at least, to those that give it an unnecessary value.

An abundance mentality helps combat these types of women, but still every man is going to get wooed in his life, maybe once or twice, hell you even have those types that “fall in love” (poor bastards) or at least believe they have.

I’ve been there in those predicaments, but learning from experience as a child made me realize what not to do when I got older.


Red Pill literature, especially when you aren’t familiar with the topic, will have you thinking it breeds men to be misogynistic women haters, who only want to use them for their lips (both those on their face and those below the belt) and toss them to the side like trash after.

Now this isn’t how it is at all, and I actually find there are many principles of Red Pill that aren’t in line with my own way of thinking at all, mainly the way they view women that either don’t have a high Sexual Market Value, or those they deem to be unworthy of being a plate for other reasons.

Typical Red Pill thinking will often have you thinking said women are worthless, however I find this to be illogical. There are various exceptions, but for the most part I have a different mind set than many of those who swallow the pill end up with.

There are many uses for people in general, not just those of the low SMV female variety, that simply being acquaintances with them can lend you an advantage later in life.


Bravado is less of a mindset of Men > Women (although biology shows this is largely the case).

I liken it more so to a mindset of Me & Those On My Side > Everyone else. If you’re either beneficial to me or my pursuits and goals, male or female I have no problem adding you to the Money Team, as long as you don’t fuck me over in the end, and I most likely WILL be able to tell it will happen before it does, and I have no problem removing the head of a snake from my garden.

It has happened before and between that, my trust issues and natural paranoia, for which I have legitimate reasons (which may or may not be legal)  it’s rare that I trust people in this world, even fewer that I forgive.

People might try to preach that Positivity 24/7 bullshit, and while I do agree that optimism is the right way to go about life, it’s not always possible nor the right course of action to be overly positive. Sometimes the world attacks, and you must strike back with ruthless aggression to find yourself the victor.

Bravado is about anger, that’s why the word is usually colored Red when you see it on the site, and when I talk about anger no I don’t mean that “I want to fight the world and take the heads of all my enemies!” anger.

No, Bravado is about channeling anger as passion, as fuel to get what you want to get out f life, to get over any obstacles or hurdles in your path, as inspiration to take the words from the critics and haters alike and channel it until you are above all of your adversaries, and your name slips from their tongue in the most vile moments of anger, rage and envy.

And that was just the preface, the chapters of the Book of Bravado are yet to come.