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With all the recent commotion that has been going on in many aspects, I see a lot of emotions being flared. Buzzwords and insults thrown, friends and family blocked out – it’s been a very tense and emotional year.

If you’re skilled in being able to detach yourself from letting these things get to you, you’ve probably found yourself being more invested in yourself and your own issues.… Read more


People often commend me on the fact that it’s so easy for me to ignore attacks and not take them seriously, a trait I still find it confusing that many people lack. The scope of my political and social views leave me open to being the enemy of many people, as anyone who follows me on twitter knows, but people often wonder how it’s so easy for me to just brush everything off and stick to doing what I do.… Read more

“Don’t Trust Bitches”

Ahh, the dreaded “Fuck these bitches, get this money” mindset. Honestly, I used to be one of those types of people so I can see where the mindset would come from, but that doesn’t mean I feel like it’s a good thing.… Read more

The Media is always lying to you

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen the Old Media and the New Media go back and forth on the topic of Hillary’s health. Some people may not think it’s a big deal but to anyone actually interested in the future of this country, we’d rather not be inaugurating our next President on her deathbed.… Read more

Dead Center: An Analysis

It’s been quite an interesting year for me, one I haven’t expected myself honestly. I expected to start taking baby steps this year and just start getting momentum by the end of the year, but by the middle of 2016 my name was already starting to spread a bit.… Read more

Doing Your Best isn’t Good Enough

This is something I’ve been noticing about a lot of people these days, they’d rather complain and want handouts before they’d take their own two hands and work for what it is they feel they deserve.… Read more

Break the System

So it’s definitely been a hell of a last couple days.

Between cops shooting people and people shooting cops, the tensions in this country are running dangerously high. Emotions are at a high right now and the pot has been constantly stirred by recent events.… Read more

Is Trump Racist? Let’s take a look

As the now infamous “Here’s 10 Examples of Donald Trump being racist” that is the go-to rhetoric for the anti-trump crowd when asked to prove his racism was making its way around the net, I read it a few times it was posted and a lot of the article stood out to me.… Read more

Victor, not Victim

Honestly I’m gonna start this off by saying that in it’s current state, the world is annoying. Simple as that. You can’t eat, breathe, sleep or talk without someone somewhere giving their opinion on what they would have done better.

Now don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with sharing opinions and what not, I’m all for free speech – but when people start portraying and believing their opinions to be facts then there lies a problem.… Read more

Interview with Quay and Brett

So today I’m back with another Podcast, featuring Quay and Brett who are young Trump supporters who went viral overnight for being featured in this video. When It was first sent to me I admired them for their ability to stay calm and collect in that situation, and for not backing down based on repeated rhetoric from opposition with no evidence or basis.… Read more
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