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Beat Yourself Up

I’ve been told plenty of times in my life not to beat myself up, that I’m too hard on myself & many other similar things. People usually don’t understand why i’m so hard on myself, but honestly it’s sort of a prevention mechanism if anything.

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Caution/Prevent to Avoid Regret

One issue I’ve found myself constantly dealing with in my life is the issue of doing too many things that I end up regretting shortly after. This is usually due to impulse – people have impulses and these impulses tend to make people think in an “act now, consider consequences later” sort of way.

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The Greedy vs The Content: A Cautionary Tale

One of my favorite pasttimes is sitting in public watching how humans interact. Yes it may be a little strange, but at the same time I’m an analyst when it comes to people, situations or anything of the like.

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A Hell of a Year

So this year has been full of unexpected surprises. I had expected to take my plans in a completely different direction this year, but looking back on it now I’m glad I didn’t. Over the course of the election year I found myself reluctantly emerging as one of the top election influencers/commentators of the season.

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The Shame Game (Morality and why shaming tactics wont work on me)

If you’ve followed along with me on social media this year, you’ve noticed one thing – people seem to have a big issue with my tweets, whether it’s the topic or the way I present it. I’m brash, I’m vulgar, I’m “offensive” & all the thing moral justice warriors hate while acting like they are perfect little angels in private. It’s sad just how easy it’s proven to be to rile up emotions of people these days, all off of words on a phone/computer screen.

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Finding your Happiness & Purpose in life

Have you ever wondered what you were put here for?

Barring all religious and cosmic connections you may make to try to concoct an easy answer to the question, this is something that has been gnawing away at me for a while in life.

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Rapper Syndrome (Gunz n Butta)

Money being thrown, nice cars that haven’t come out yet doing donuts, women twerking wearing more jewelry than clothing – these are the type of things you typically see in a rap video. Now, rap music/culture is a facet of nig nog culture and has multiple facets in itself, but as of right now I’m referring to nig nog rap.

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Be about your Business

With all the recent commotion that has been going on in many aspects, I see a lot of emotions being flared. Buzzwords and insults thrown, friends and family blocked out – it’s been a very tense and emotional year.

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People often commend me on the fact that it’s so easy for me to ignore attacks and not take them seriously, a trait I still find it confusing that many people lack. The scope of my political and social views leave me open to being the enemy of many people, as anyone who follows me on twitter knows, but people often wonder how it’s so easy for me to just brush everything off and stick to doing what I do.

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“Don’t Trust Bitches”

Ahh, the dreaded “Fuck these bitches, get this money” mindset. Honestly, I used to be one of those types of people so I can see where the mindset would come from, but that doesn’t mean I feel like it’s a good thing.

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