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Better Health: Beating your mental connection to Food

NOTE: Most of this post applies to people with bad diets. If you’re eating healthy and staying active (don’t forget to exercise!) you likely can eat what you want and not have to worry about being connected or it slowing you down, but not everyone is this way.

Let’s be honest, most of us love food. I can’t necessarily count myself on that list (anymore), but the mental connection people make to food can be either a positive or negative and have a lot more of an impact than they realize. If you’re younger then you can get away more with a bad diet or bad overall health because you can fix it later on in life, but who wants to be in their 30s and 40s trying to force themselves into shape? If you’re young, now is the time to start taking care of your body and your health because you don’t want to start trying to do it when it’s nearly too late. If you’re older then you still have the time and ability and capacity to do it, however you may find yourself having more trouble than someone younger due to them having more energy and it being less of a strain on their bodies. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means (for that I’d recommend checking out P.D. Mangan at and Alexander J.A. Cortes at his personal website.)


The Subject of Objectivity

Objectivity is a topic that people will get offended even hearing about nowadays. In a world where people base their viewpoints off of how they feel and not how things are, it’s common for people to not comprehend things because they’re so busy trying to change them. Feelings-based arguments rooted in a complete disregard for facts plague society today,and a lot of this comes from a lack of ability to be subjective.

How to not let Politics ruin your life

So we’ve gotten to the point where politics is the new american pastime, which is a good thing considering the things that politicians decide have long-term effects on all of us. With the coming of a Trump Presidency we have seen it get to a point where now everyone has something to say whenever anything happens, but a lot of people have a bunch of nothing to add to the conversation and they’re hurting more than they’re helping – themselves, among others.

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Nobody Cares, Work Harder (The Book) Available soon!

So after months and months of teasing, I’m finally getting ready to be able to debut my new book. It has been reworked quite a few times since its conception and honestly can’t even be considered the same book as the original draft. One thing I was lacking in that I realized was severely needed was my signature style, my brash,“this is how things are and you can either accept and adapt to them, or work to change them” type of style. It was at first more of a generic, basic bitch self improvement book and had no flair or originality that separated me from anyone else. Looking back, it isn’t something that I would have been too proud of releasing and that’s why I’ve reworked it so much.

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James Damore Memo, Google, and the Future of Thoughtcrime

NOTE: some of this will be repeated from my mini-rant on twitter this morning, as that is what inspired this.

So as you may have already heard, an employee of google named James Damore recently wrote a memo (you can read the full version here without the media retractions for their narrative) discussing the differences between men and women in the workplace and what might cause them to seek out different paths. All he said were things along the lines of